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DIY Near Infra Red Sauna for Dummies

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Now with your own DIY near infra red sauna you can build and maintain muscle tone,detox, and lots more.

DIY Near Infra Red Sauna Lamp Panel Materials: purchase at hardware store:

  • a piece of 1/2″ plywood, 40″ high and 15″ wide
  • Four 250W red heat bulbs(red, not clear)
  • four flush-mount bulb sockets(preferably ceramic for safety)
  • fifteen feet of heavy lamp cord
  • electric tape
  • wire cutter&srtipper
  • 2-4 twist on wire nuts(# depends on how you decide to connect wires, described below)
  • a medium-heavy duty male wall plug
  • 8 wood screws to fasten the sockets to the plywood
  • (Optional)An on-off switch and a thermometer
  •  Print this list!


DIY Near Infra Red Sauna Panel!

  • mount the sockets on the plywood in a diamond shape, so that bottom socket is in the center, 1″ from the bottom of the plywood
  • and two sockets are 28″ from the bottom of the plywood and 10″ apart.
  • top socket is centered on the plywood and 3″ from the bottom. This should form a narrow diamond shape
  • Large sockets sold as fixtures can only be wired from the back, but you will have to drill holes in the plywood.. You may find smaller flush mount sockets that can be wired from the front. Wire the sockets together in parallel so one bad bulb won”t disable the unit, or in groups of two so that only two wires go into the wire nut at any point, not four- better wire nut grip.  The later option means two extra cuts of cord(to connect both wires, connecting two lamps each, to the wire thats connected to the plug, and 2 extra wire nuts.)
  • (Optional)The best switch is probably a wall switch that can handle 1000 watts. This requires an outlet box screwed to the plywood. Keep sweaty hands off the switch as they could cause a short.
  • (Highly Suggested) protective screen. Bend some chicken or stucco wire around the bulbs and screw/staple it to the wood. Another way is to recess the bulbs or place them in reflectors.


DIY Near Infra Red Sauna Enclosure!

  • You can instead lean the unit against a bathroom or closet wall. Secure it so it won”t fall over. However, most bathrooms are too big.
  • cost of my DIY Near Infra Red Sauna Enclosure : about $100 using 1/2″ plywood, wooden corner beams ,  one box of 1 5/8″ exterior screws, and 2 small boxes of 5/8″ construction screws, plus cost of nice impact drill or hire some help $50-$100  to put it together.   Glass window cut $6.  Other material options: cedar or fir siding(additional $150+, glass or cardboard
  • The enclosure needs to be small enough to hold the heat, and large enough to turn around. at least 4′ by 3′ by 6′ high.
  • The siding slides into a frame so no nails are needed. Walls can be built as modules, then screwed together.
  • Ventilating the sauna regularly to allow gases to escape. As part of your construction you can leave a crack around the door or somewhere else high up. I think leaving the door slightly ajar between uses will do just fine.
  • I highly suggest hiring a handyman to help put your enclosure together. It will certainly save you time and trouble.
  • If ceiling space is tight,  its easiest to assemble the enclosure on its side and then tilt it upright once ceiling, floor and sides are assembled.  Measure your ceiling height. Your side panels side panels must measure no more than that diagonally corner to corner and then cut them an inch shorter just to make sure.  Cut your corner beams  exactly to that height too, doublecheck with their tape measure before you leave the facility.  (Otherwise you might find yourself stuck with an extra 1/2 inch that just ruins it all, and work cut out for  your handyman to saw it all around the perimeter!)

Plywood:  its affordable, looks nice, works for this type of sauna since the enclosure stays dry and relatively cool.

Glass: Some sauna companies use glass for at least one wall. Glass reflects far infrared energy but is not a good insulator.

Cardboards: Cheap.  Tape or staple together two refrigerator boxes.




You must not touch the bulbs during use, or let water or anything touch them. Observe all cautions as with any appliance exposed to heat and moisture. Protective wire screen helps a lot.

Stay inside the sauna no more than 30 minutes. Start with no more than 20 minutes  and work up to that time. Once out dip in cold water(optional and very invigorating), relax another 10 minutes and drink fluids before going back in.  Repeat as you wish.  Avoid food or eat lightly during the whole saunabathing experience to help route blood to your extremities.

It Feels Just Like Sauna Bathing! 
















Mount the sockets on the plywood in a diamond shape