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Dominant People Manage Cortisol Levels

“In order to be the champion, one has to have the mindset of one”. Have yourself convinced and others will follow; one solid way to manage cortisol levels.

Cortisol levels and expression of dominance in humans; techniques used to help people feel more dominant in social and business environments

Are you often stressed out? Do you know that there is a hormone in your body, produced by the adrenaline glands, used to regulate your stress level? It is called Cortisol, and it is a very important hormone, for not only it regulates stress, but it also has several other functions, all very important and have essential impact on a person`s behavior.
Cortisol is a hormone made by the adrenaline glands, which is very useful and important to a person for dozens of different reasons. One of the main reasons, as previously mentioned, is stress management; another very important reason is the metabolism.
When it comes to the expression of dominance in humans, there are several ways of doing it, and also several reasons why people do it. Some are just born with a natural trait of leadership, and their personality makes them more dominant. Those people will most likely impost themselves passively as leaders, without even realizing it, and in many cases, these people are the dominant ones. Others yet use many techniques and different approaches to distinguish themselves as leaders. These are the less dominant people, with a highly expressed competitive trait. They are the type that is not predetermined to lead by a set of skills, but the one that is going to put much effort and time into mastering the techniques and skills required for one to become dominant in social and business environments. No matter which type you are, scientific evidence suggests you will feel more impowered in your environment if you know how to manage your cortisol levels. So which techniques people use to become more dominant in both social and business environments?

Train your mind to Control Cortisol Levels

Have faith in your own abilities
Believing in yourself triggers something in your brain, and suddenly you become more and more confident, up to the point where you don’t doubt any of your decisions anymore. It is important to trust your instincts, and to have faith in what you are doing. Don’t be suspicious have second thoughts. Once you start believing in yourself, others will do the same, and this is the key first step to becoming an alpha in your environment. Faith induces calmness, thereby helping you manage cortisol levels.

Bring out the attitude
Have the mindset and the attitude of the alpha. This literally means that you have to believe that everything is possible and achievable. Also, your pose and standing should resemble power and fortitude, more confidence and less doubt. The more dominant you look, the more will people rely on your judgments, follow you, listen to you. “In order to be the champion, one has to have the mindset of one”. Have yourself convinced and others will follow; one solid way to manage cortisol levels.

Act to Manage Cortisol Levels

Train your body language
Even if you are not self-confident, you have to train your body to show it the other way. Learn how to stand and pose with confidence, control your eye movement and hand gestures for it can be of great help in many situations. Don’t feel the pressure of your surroundings; instead, focus on emitting that positive vibe every dominant person has. Show everyone that you got what it takes, and that you are aware of it. As your self-confidence rises, the cortisol level in your body will increase, and thus you will feel less and less stress, up to the point where you will completely control it. Less stress means more success, in most cases. Your mind constantly reads your own body language and attunes accordingly thanks to a psycho somatic response.

Practice your speech and try to anticipate the questions
While at home, try to practice your oral techniques often. A good way with words can definitely affect your self-confidence, and also make others believe that you are the alpha of the group. Try to anticipate what others might say or reply to you, and always answer with hedging. This requires a very developed diplomatic skill, so often practice will do you good. You can gain a lot of followers while giving a speech, so make sure to watch your body language and pose while doing it.

Other Ways to Manage Cortisol Levels

Stress is a normal part of every life, and without cortisol to control it, one would fall into depression or develop a serious medical condition. Stress is not to be taken lightly, and it usually follows work and obligations. With a lot of work comes a lot of stress, and one has to release it somewhere. So how do you deal with stress?
There are numerous ways to defeat stress, and one of them is massage and relaxation. Oiled with a proper lotion, your body will submit to the effects of massage, and the stress will almost instantly disappear. This is one of the most effective ways of stress control, and your cortisol hormone will help you in reducing the stress. Also, doing a physical activity can be a stress reliever, for not only do you secrete a lot of hormones but you also pump up the adrenaline, which is the natural cure for all the problems, including stress. Run, swim, cycle, play sports; these are all proven ways of relieving stress.

Learning how to control your cortisol level can help you control stress, and in the process, enhance your self-confidence. A stress-free person is much more confident than the stressed-out one, and that is one of the essential factors for becoming an alpha in your environment.

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