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raw Chef’s No Bake Bread Diary: Kamut Barley Spelt

Raw Essene Bread is Worth Perfecting!

Easy Essene No Bake Bread
Among many types of bread in the world, the one that bears the highest amount of nutrition is, without a doubt, the Essene bread with whole grain. The name comes from “The Essene Gospel of Peace”, an ancient Aramaic manuscript where the recipe for it first appeared. The technique used to bake it differs not from the ancient one, used over 2 thousand years ago, and the results are still a flattened loaf of a sweetish taste, dessert bread or a cake, all having the same attributes of sprouted grain which is its sole ingredient. This type of bread is still popular today, and is used all over the world.

No Bake Bread: Sprouting

Sprouting is a process for which you are required to have a wide-mouthed glass jar (a good replacement can be a large tub made of plastic or soup pot) which has a screw-on lid with a lot of holes on it or netting secured at the top with a rubber band. Start of by measuring the amount of the wheat berries and put them inside the sprouting jar. Soak the overnight, using twice as much water as their volume is. The next morning, drain off the water and place a jar inside a dark place, rinse the berries with cold water (preferred more than once per day). In order to prevent matting and spoilage, shake the jar from time to time and drain the jar after each rinse. Once the tails are twice as long as the berries and taste sweet, they`re ready. The whole process takes about three to four days to finish.

No Bake Bread: Rising

Rising occurs when the bread is left in a warm spot for half a day or a day time. The dough can rise even more if minced enough. Also, by adding a sourdough starter, the rise can double in size. Also, the most natural method rising your loaf is to cover it with cheese cloth and place it into the sun. Let it stay for about six to eight hours, and the rising will be started by the yeasts.

No Bake Bread: Shaping and Baking

The no bake bread is fun to play with. Shaping is the process which raises the atmosphere and good mood is always present. Start by wetting your hands and taking a handful of dough. Take one or two handful of dough depending if you are going for a roll or a loaf. Close all the air pockets and shape it into circular loaves. You can just let it remain a no bake bread till done by either leaving it in the sun all day, a dehydrator or toaster oven at under 110F or bake it by placing it on a cookie sheet about two and a half hours at 250 degree F.

Once the outside is firm. Gently prod it with the thumb and the inside should be soft (will become firm once cooled off). Spray water across the loaf during baking to prevent it from drying out.
The technique is simple; it just requires time and a gentle hand. Bake with love, and embrace the results with an empty stomach and the unsatisfying appetite.

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