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Correct Posture 24/7

A correct posture is required in order to keep the spine bones from breaking, and to keep the kyphosis limited to a minimum

Correct Posture 24/7

In the early stage of life, it is very important to know how to move, sit, stand and walk. One might think that all of these actions are easily performed, and that everybody does it in the right way. Well, that is the first mistake, and a crucial one already. A correct posture is required in order to keep the spine bones from breaking, and to keep the kyphosis limited to a minimum. So, here are several things to which one should pay attention in order to have the proper correct posture, and keep his spine bones healthy.

Up and Down Stairs In and Out of Bed

Centuries ago, our ancestors knew how to move without feeling pain in the backs and spines. The reason for this is simple: they didn’t spend as nearly much time by the tv or computer as we do, and so their bones stayed healthier and much stronger than our bones are today. They kept their correct posture and ended up living a healthy and long life without the constant pain in the back. Some exercises for keeping the correct posture are walking up and down the stairs, which can correct the spine and lift your head up high. This will life the shoulders and keep the spine leveled, reducing the kyphosis to a minimum. To be able to get in and out of bed without feeling pain, one has to keep his back straight even when sitting on a chair. Sleeping with a pain in the back additionally fatigues your body, and so in order to regenerate during night, one has to learn how to sleep properly, in which pose.

Correct Posture 24/7: Standing, Bending and Turning

A right way of standing is something that everybody should pay attention to, regardless of if you are standing at work, or at the buss, or your kitchen, you have to keep your head up high, bring your shoulder blades lightly together and keep the chin in, lifting thru the crown of your head so that your chin is parallel to the ground. Pull in your abdomen slightly, and keep the natural arch of your lower back. In order to maintain the long term correct posture, Always keep your feet flat and at least shoulder width apart, bend only at the knee and hips.Dont tilt your back for any length of time without actively engaging your abs for support. Remember that one of the biggest mistakes people make is bending at their waist instead of their knees and hips. Poor posture leads to lordosis , sidebend or kyphosis, sway back, and results in Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, and Bulging Discs.

Correct Posture 24/7: Lifting, Carrying, Pushing and Pulling

One of the most important things to keep in mind in order to keep the correct posture is to know which things you can lift, and which you can’t. Never lift anything that is more than 10 pound in weight while bending your back. This is a fatal mistake for your back, which will be reflected as you get older. Always bring the object close to your body, and slowly lift it from your knees, not the waist. When unpacking the food, place the bags on the table first and then separately pack bags, one by one, on the high shelves. When vacuuming, shift weight from foot to foot, and be straightened up. Don’t bend in the back area; instead, crouch and bend your knees, never the waist. Once you get older, these tips might be the difference between the straight shoulders and strong back muscles, and a back pain followed by a curve and breaking of the spine-bones.
It is always better to react on time, so next time you go for a walk, lift something heavy, do the casual cleaning of the house or going shopping, remember these tips for they might help you more than you know. Learn ways to healthy and proper posture doing squats.