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How to make raw fish safe to eat

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How to make raw fish safe to eat

Since the fishing rod has been invented, raw fish has been a delicacy all over the world. It is also known to contain a lot of parasites which might infest your body, and so it is desired to previously cook the fish, or prepare it in one of many ways to kill the potential disease carriers, and make raw fish safe to eat. Here are some of the many ways how you can make the raw fish safe to eat, and completely free of parasites or any other contagious organisms.

Salting to Make raw fish safe

Not all the fish are the same (for example Freshwater Salmon has way more parasites than salt water salmon), and so a general way of keeping them fresh and safe to eat has been created. One of the ways to make raw fish safe to eat is covering it with salt. Salting a fish and keeping it at a certain degree for a certain period of time (around 7 weeks) will kill the parasites, and remove all the harmful organisms from the fish. When combined, salt and low temperature are the two main factors controlling growth of psychrotrophic C. botulinum in every cold-smoked fish. Psychotrophic C will grow in up to 5% (to be on the safer side 8-9%), but in reduced temperatures, less salt is tolerated. pH value influences the salt tolerance, and at under 5pH concentration and more than 5% salt concentration the botulism will be prevented.
It is recommended to use the salt brine rather than dry salt, for it reaches all the way through the flesh and kills most of the parasites with ease.

Freezing to Make raw fish safe

In most cases, freezing a raw fish makes it safe to eat. The cold and the parasites are known to coincide one with another, and so by setting the fish on a very low temperature for a certain period of time, the cold will cleanse it from anything contagious. In order to make raw fish safe to eat, put it in a freezer with the temperature of -4F(-20C) for seven days, or -31F(-35C) for 15 hours and all the parasites will be killed.

Cooking to Make Raw Fish Safe

One of the ways to make raw fish safe to be consumed is to cook the fish. Once the center of the fish reaches the temperature of at least 144 F, keep it in that state for around one minute. After one minute, remove the fish from the cooking pot, and let it cool of for a moment. After that, the raw fish is safe to be eaten.
Many different techniques are used to create a parasite-free raw fish, and above mentioned are just some of the important things and tips which one should know. Raw fish can be contagious, and so always check it before eating for any foul odor and visible parasites. Also follow with any of the above countermeasures to be reasonably assured that your raw fish is now safe to be eaten.

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