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Raw Foods Parathyroid Cure

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Raw Foods Parathyroid Cure

They say that what we eat is the way we live. Well, sometimes there are some extreme conditions which might occupy our body, and the food might be the only way out of it. In this case, to cure parathyroid, one has to eat raw food. But is raw food enough to cure parathyroid disease?

Symptoms and Risk factors for Hypoparathyroidism

It is known that Hypoparathyroidism is an excess of parathyroid hormone in the bloodstream due to over-activity of one or more of the body’s four parathyroid glands. These glands are usually about the size of a grain of rice, sometimes even bigger, and are located in your neck. Symptoms are many, and among them are: prolonged calcium or vitamin D deficiency, inherited disorder (extremely rare case) such as multiple endocrine neoplasia Type I, which affect many glands, radiation treatment which exposed the neck area. These symptoms each carry a risk of a potential hypoparathyroidism, and if any of the symptoms appears and stays for more than couple of days, visit our doctor right away. Raw vegan diet is the best food parathyroid cure, and switching to this type of diet will increase your chances of containing the hypoparathyroidism.

Raw Foods Parathyroid Cure

Fatty foods high in calcium vitamin D are prescribed for hypo parathyroidism. At first glance at this hypoparathyroid food list you might assume its not applicable to a raw food diet. However, all the foods listed can be consumed in their raw form, including butter, eggs and fish .(Here is how to kill parasites to make raw fish safe to eat !) A  predominantly raw food diet augments the healthy qualities of all foods, therefore helping boost your diet’s medicinal impact, in this case hypoparathyriodism.

The best type of diet for curing parathyroid diseases is the raw food, rich with natural content, vitamins, minerals and all the other healthy ingredients which are only contained inside the raw, uncooked and unbaked food. Raw food parathyroid cure is known to many people around the world, and is the first thing suggested if you have the disease. A diet usually lasts for about four to six months, and is very strict and persistent. Avoid eating all of the cooked, fried and baked food, and to focus solely on eating fresh and raw food. Your body will slowly regenerate, your immune system will become stronger and the number of leukocytes will rapidly increase, which will additionally speed up the recovery from the disease. Parathyroid disease requires a lot of dedication and change in diet. Some people don’t react well to the change of diet, and their bodies react in many strange ways, but keep up the good spirits and focus your mind on the task. A cure requires positive mind set first and foremost.

Foods to Avoid for Hypoparathyroidism


There is junk and refined foods that you should avoid.  For instance, stay away from refined food: white bread, pastas, sugar. Also, avoid coffee, tobacco, alcohol and other stimulants. Drink a lot of water daily, filtered if possible, and limit the insertion of carbonated beverages. Eat less red meat, and focus more on lean meat, cold water fish, tofu, soy, and beans. Avoid dehydration, and stay away from water-dispersing food (anything that is too spicy, salty or sweet).
As a conclusion, eating raw food alone is not enough to beat the disease, but if you Follow these ground rules, you can expect a great improvement in your condition over time. Stay strong-minded, and your body will also feel strong, enough to conquer the condition.


Also keep in mind that I tried a primarily raw vegan lifestyle over the course of one whole year. Afterwords I had some blood work that showed few but alarming results, including an under active thyroid and low creatine. So I reconsidered my vegan values and weighed my compassion for creatuers, inlcuding for myself : vegan doesnt work for everyone or at least not in some cases. I also dont afre well on a high animal diet though. Here is the healthy non vegan diet that works best for me do far. Also, cooked foods have a place sometimes at least for some people and in various amounts. Dont get rigid , keep searching and experimenting and do blood work at least once a year 🙂

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  1. Where can this diet for hyperparathyroidism be found? Is it for PRIMARY parathyroidism?
    Thank you

    1. its provided in the link under foods to eat. here is a link to books on amazon

      Im sorry I am not an authority on hyperparathyroidism. this article was writtenen by a guest author who was pulling information from links on this page. however, I can tell you from personal experience that raw food is an integral part of whole body healing . thanks for the question

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