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Reverse Cellulite with Massage

reverse cellulite. The key is to increase the blood circulation, and the lymph circulation in the subcutaneous fat layer

If you once had that soft, pristine skin without cellulite, and it is now suddenly overrun with it, you have to start using anti-cellulite massages. The best place to perform these are at home, for it is free and you can do it whenever you feel like it, with no commitments to it, just a regular massage to keep the cellulite off of your body. It is affordable and very effective when you want to reverse cellulite. The key is to increase the blood circulation, and the lymph circulation in the subcutaneous fat layer, and in the same time, speed up the toxin elimination in the intercellular space. Here are some of the ways massage can be performed for the best possible results.

Reverse Cellulite:Deep Tissue Massage

They say that the best way to reverse cellulite is to perform a deep tissue massage. At home, while relaxing, self-massage in a circular way (clockwise), and keep massaging each area for about 40-60 movements. Remember to keep your skin dry and without any oils, for they will weaken the process. Movements should be kept at a moderate level, and do it until the skin becomes red. Don’t be afraid, the redness typically fades off in about an hour, and it is the first sign that the reverse cellulite massage is working. It is best to perform the massage several times a day, and to repeat the process every day, for best results. Keep your hopes high, for the cellulite will be gone soon, and your skin will be returned to its untouched state.

Reverse Cellulite: Cupping Massage

Using a vacuum, this technique is great for several things: removing the stretch marks (striae), reducing the swelling in the area, correction of the body contour, and relaxing. In order to reverse cellulite using canned anti-cellulite massage, you have to use special soft cans which are sold at local pharmacies. It is the principle of suction: click on the jar, attach it to the body and release it, and it will be easy to drive on the skin. Use oils in order to keep the body and muscles relaxed, and to increase the tissue sucking effect. You might feel slight discomfort, and if you start feeling pain, loosen the grip banks and do not expose the cellulite affected areas to too much squeezing. Find your balance.

Reverse Cellulite: Honey Massage

This ancient technique is known for centuries, and in order to perform it, you will need a pure 100% clear honey. You can easily get it at a local store, or at the beekeeper. Before you start the process know that to reverse cellulite, you will have to repeat this massage several times a day, every day. So, start off by heating the desired area of the body, by simply massaging it with the palm of your hand in circular motions for about 3-5minutes. Once it is hot, apply honey and keep massaging with it until it thickens and gets noticeably sticky, causing considerably more effort to continue with massaging strokes . Now you can apply honey cupping technique if you desire. Slap your hand palm down onto large surfaces of skin and release quickly. You should feel the tissue lifting up with the stickiness of honey. Continue in this fashion all over back, glutes, things, calves and even ankles, wrists, knees and shoulders. The beauty of honey cupping is its ability to mould to the small contours of joints, where many lymph and circulation blockages occur. Both the honey massage and honey cupping will cause redness and a slight discomfort, but will clear the skin from all the toxins which will come out through the pores. As a result, you will reverse cellulite and get your soft skin back with persistent adherence to treatment as well as a customized diet and exercise program.

Beauty is important, and it is something that has no price. Keep the skin young and pristine using these techniques, and remember to apply the correctly. Whether using cupping or honey cupping, certian degree of dicumfort may be felt. However, the duration of one area being treated is increased gradually from about a minute to up to 15 minutes so that any considerable pain or discomfort is avoided. this is unlikely, but if pain remains consistent over the course of several sessions or gets worse, visit your local dermatologist or physician.