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Bond Through Premature Baby Massage


Bond Through Premature Baby Massage

premature baby massage can offer an alternative way of staying close to the baby

Depending on your baby’s condition and how premature it is,  you may not be allowed to pick up your preemie because he is in a special care unit and under special restrictions given by the doctor.  This frustrating wait time, full of uncertainty and hope can be especially challenging for a newcomer in the world of parenting. Even though holding your baby may be temporarily off limits, you can still comfort yourself and your baby by giving a premature baby a massage 🙂

How massage helps your premature baby

Give your baby a massage often and you`ll help her gain weight,  improve her breathing, stabilize brain activities and heart rate. With  the help of your  ever so gentle touch he will fall asleep quicker than usual, and will experience improved  metabolism.   Ofcourse, last but not least this will also help you and your baby bond.  Obviously, you will be gentle administering your massage and alert for any signs of discomfort.  Most premature and low-birth-weight babies tend to respond exceptionally well to this kind of gentle rubbing or stroking.

Premature Baby Massage: Technique

Before stroking the baby, check with your doctor or  nurse to see if the baby is well enough and ready for it. Your baby’s skin may sometimes be too sensitive for oils normally used for premature baby massage.  However you should usually be OK having some kind of physical contact with your baby without the use of oils.  You may also wonder where he likes to be touched. Usually, babies enjoy their head, hands and feet rubbed. Start slowly and see how baby responds to the touch. Once you establish a good first contact, apply some of these premature baby massages:
-Movements in slow circular radius
-One slow stroke at a time
-Use your finger tips and gently touch the baby, rubbing her feet or hands
-Watch baby`s reaction all the time.
Foot massage is the most common one, and all the babies seem to  respond especially well to it. Start by undressing baby`s feet, and see if she allows you to touch them. Rub briskly a bit of oil into your hands, and slowly stroke around one leg while supporting the other in a flexed position. Cup your baby`s foot with your hands, and rotate the baby`s ankle in a slow and circular motion to potentially release all the tension in the ankle. After the massage, keep the baby`s feet warm by equipping her with a pair of socks or booties.

Premature Baby Massage Precautions

If by any chance you see that your baby is weak, it is suggested to start with the comfort holding. Slowly and gently lay your hand on your baby and lay them still. This action will stimulate the baby less than patting or stroking her, but is a good substitution for a weak baby.
Also, pay attention to the baby`s hygiene, and know that she is vulnerable to all microorganisms. Keep your hands and up to your elbows clean at all time, and wash your hands before holding or patting your baby or before doing a premature baby massage.
If the baby starts coughing or gets restless, it is time to stop the massage or anything that you are doing, and time to let her relax. Remember to watch your baby and her reactions.

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