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Psychology of Feeling Loved

Psychology of Feeling Loved

Pets are always there for you and some animals just like some people will stay in our hearts forever

One of the strongest emotions that we humans possess, the one which gives us an inspiration to strive further and keep on going no matter what, the one basic need that we search to fulfill throughout our entire life – love. So what does love to us, besides spinning the world upside down?

Feeling Loved

When our partner is kind and gentle, responsive and respectful, and, most importantly, emotionally engaged with us, we feel loved. Committing to a romantic relationship requires deep understanding and both partners should hear, feel and see the other`s desires, mood changes and ambitious. To love someone else, a person has to love himself first, for in order to give love one must first perceive love. Building your self-esteem will help you realize that you can be loved, and that there is someone good enough loving you already: you. Evaluating your relationship can help you on your path to truly find out how it feels to be loved. Real love is never one-sided, conditional or emotionally draining; quite the opposite, true love doesn’t hurt, and it gives you all the power you need to face your fears, the power to take on the world if needed. Feeling loved is like being someone`s favorite flower in a meadow filled with them.

Showing Love

There are many ways to show love to our partner. One way is to create daily routine, whether it is a morning call, an evening message for goodnight, or going out for bowling on a Thursday night, for these routines help maintain a stable connection between partners, and bonds them. Give or gift massage to each other, and learn to help each other relax and feel comfortable. Massages can be very intimate, and tend to relieve the person from stress, creating space for love only. When one person is feeling loved, he or she will do everything in their power to return the favor. Also, be very specific about how you feel, and don’t just say “I love you” as most of the population does; think of creating ways of expressing your love, such as a phrase or an action which will represent you. Pay attention to small things, for they make the world go around and around. Once you make a mistake, learn from it and make an effort to change something.

Healthy Kinds of Love

Relationship has to stay healthy in order to last. Generally speaking, such as cliché as “love conquers all” is applicable only in the right relationship, while in the other case, love itself is not enough to maintain a relationship. That is why we have to trust our partner, and enter his trust field as well. Also, we have to learn to cope with his flaws and accept them. This might be the hardest part, but accepting a person for who he or she is makes them feel loved, and the emotion of feeling loved will remain mutual and strong. Try to find compatibility in a relationship. Don’t drive each other mad by defying each other; instead try to find balance and harmony, negotiate and sometimes even take a bullet for both of your sakes. Strong compatibility leads to better problem solving, and that will definitely ensure a long and healthy relationship.

On the other hand, be on a lookout for warning flags to let you know the relation ship is not worth holding on to.

  • How does the person treat you well on a regular basis? Do they say hurtful things, do thye make you feel guilty? Do they make an effort to be there for you when you need them? Are they physically abusive?
  • Are your efforts at staying close mutual? Are you the only one trying it seems? Sometimes, your partner is also trying but in their own way that doesnt make sense to you. Maybe you can try professional couples counseling to help you decide? Or maybe its obvious that you are the only one who really cares
  • If the answer is no to eitehr one, release yourself to find new love

Romantic love may seem most talked about, but really you might find other kinds of love more fulfilling.  Making a difference in people’s lives by volunteering will help you attain appreciation from others and in effect will build your self confidence and self appreciation. Having a pet can also help heal from hurtful love.   Joining an organization, club or emmersing yourself in a hobby that exposes you to people with same interests can also both build new connections and possibly help you find a more fulfilling romantic relationship as well!