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Quit smoking naturally: Eat Raw Foods

Quit smoking naturally, eat raw foods

Health impact of smoking

One of the main causes of failing to prevent carcinogenic diseases is smoking tobacco. Studies show disastrous effects of cigarettes on human health, and reveal that thousands of toxic chemicals enter our bodies with every cigarette we smoke. One of them is nitrogen dioxide ozone, which harms DNA directly, while reducing the levels of vitamin C – vital for the normal and healthy functioning of the body, leaving a fertile ground for various diseases.

Apart from affecting the lungs, respiratory and circulatory tract, smoking increases the risk of heart attack, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, stroke, lung cancer and cancer of the mouth and larynx. Additionally, the toxic chemical byproducts of tobacco bind themselves to the smokers DNA and activate genetic mutations that may cause miscarriages, premature births, erectile dysfunction in men and cancers anywhere in the body.

The first step to prevent all this is to stop smoking. What is helpful to those who want to quit smoking naturally is to eat raw food, most of all fruits and vegetables, which are low on sugar, healthy, and keep the mouth and hands busy.   According to a study conducted by  2007 by Dr. F. Joseph McClernon at Duke University in North Carolina, enzymes found in raw fruit and vegetables have been shown to create unpleasant aftertaste  when combined with tobacco compounds that remain in the mouth after smoking.

Fears of Quitting

People who want to quit smoking are usually afraid due to the assumptions that it will be followed by depression and anxiety. Many herbs and supplements can be of help when it comes to such problem. Some of those herbs are: lobelia, ginger root, St. John’s Wort, passion flower and rodiola. They function as prevention for nausea, cigarette cravings, irritability, depression and fatigue. Also, essential oils are important to be added into consideration when it comes to battling addiction to tobacco smoking, as they can naturally and safely prevent withdrawal symptoms, control nicotine cravings and relieve the stress and nervousness.

One mixture of essential oils proved especially useful as it completely stopped tobacco craving in some people. Make it at home: equal parts of lemon, black pepper and eucalyptus essential oils. When the craving manifests this mixture should be inhaled from a cotton ball or simply applied on the skin under the nose(mix your essential oils and dilute with a base food grade oil 3-15 drops of mixture per oz of base oil . Base oils like olive, avocado, almond  make its topical application completely safe and natural).

Quit smoking Naturally: Eat or not to eat

As much as the healthy food intake can help in battling the nicotine cravings, there are some foods that can actually increase that craving. Peas and corn, for example, stimulate the addiction as much as the meat. It is well known that coffee and alcoholic beverages have a similar effect. And it is not only the food that bears importance in this arduous feat.

In order to successfully quit smoking naturally you should increase the intake of liquids as well. That way, the thousands of accumulated toxins will leave the body far more easily. Take water with lemon juice, or drink fresh orange juice to elevate the level of vitamin C. That way, the addiction will be easily surpassed. Learn more info and tips on water intake.

When it comes to eating raw food, you might add some of the healthy herbs and spices to the equation – ginseng, rhubarb, ginger and licorice increase the dopamine production which neutralizes cravings for nicotine.
A  combination of raw foods, increased liquids and vitamin intake can help smokers naturally and effectively quit smoking naturally and overcome addiction.

Raw foods to help you quit smoking

Are you ready to quit smoking? Just do this!

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