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Cancer can be cured: Oxygen Low pH Alkalizing

Cancer can be cured: Oxygen low pH Alkaline

Cancer hates Oxygen

In 1923, Dr. Otto Heinrich Warburg, director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, discovered the relation between oxygen and cancer cells. Namely, he noticed that cancerous cells can live without oxygen, and that they actually thrive in low pH acidic conditions. If a cell is deprived of 35% of its oxygen intake for 48 hours, it can become cancerous. For this revelation, and for giving hope that cancer can be cured, or at least prevented, Dr. Warburg was awarded Nobel Prize in 1931. In “Metabolism of Tumors”, he states that all forms of cancer develop in conditions where there is oxygen depravity – hypoxia, and a high presence of acidity – acidosis.

His discovery, for which he is credited, proves that all normal cells meet their needs for energy through oxygen respiration, whereas cancerous cells meet theirs through fermentation processes which requires absence of oxygen. If the body is kept in the state of high presence of oxygen, the cells will be kept alkaline and tissues will be healthy. More alkaline these interstitial fluids, the more oxygen they have, and the more acidic they are, the less oxygen they have. This balance depends on both: the innate mechanisms of our bodies as well as the intake of alkalizing vs acidifying substances that we consume. Both should be balanced, but our consumption can and does either support or damage these innate bodily mechanisms.

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To help maintain your body’s delicate pH balance:

  • you want to eat a predominantly alkaline diet of non processed, low sugar, zero additive foods, include a lot more dark green and raw vegetables and fruits.
  • get  a juicer and make fresh squeezed juices to include wheat grass juice at home and
  • buy organic or/and grow your own garden.
  • Avoid substances that are drastically alkalizing, such as antibiotics.
  • Daily compliment your predominantly alkaline diet with daily probiotic rich fermented foods such as probiotic bread, kefir and sauerkraut (in moderation) or at least a good quality probiotic.
  • Daily supplement your diet with  powders of spirulina and chlorella(availbale online and at health food stores).

How Your Body Stays Alkaline

While food and beverages has a direct affect on our pH blood levels, metabolic activity also plays a vital role in controlling how high or low those levels are. The former controls the acid/alkaline input into our bodies, and the latter actually manages our bodies’ pH.

Your body has three major mechanisms that prevent your pH levels from shifting from the normal (7.35 to 7.45) limit:

  1. Buffer systems – carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system, protein buffer system, phosphate buffer system;
  2. exhalation of carbon dioxide and
  3. elimination of hydrogen Ions through kidneys.

For cancer to be cured, patients are usually advised to “alkalize their blood,” I.e. eat foods that have an alkaline-forming effect in your organism. For the greatest part, highly processed foods – such as white flour products and white sugar – have an acid-forming effect on your system, and if you spend years practicing a poor diet that is mainly acid-forming, you could end up disrupting this systems to a point where you could create detrimental changes to your health.

One example is that your phosphate buffer system uses different phosphate ions to neutralize strong acids and bases. Up to 85% of these phosphate ions come from phosphate salts, which are in the core structure of your teeth and bones. By having your body regularly exposed to acid-forming foods and beverages, calcium phosphate reserves begin to supply your phosphate buffer system, which leads to weakness in bone structure. There is also a risk of developing calcium-rich kidney stones if the amount of acid food and fluid ingestion is not controlled.

In order to keep yourself healthy, a mix of acidic and alkaline (unprocessed)whole foods is advised.Ideally, it should contain more alkaline-forming foods than acid-forming due to your slightly alkaline pH blood levels and interstitial fluids. There are plenty of recipes and< ready made raw healthy foods that are delicious and comforting, so go ahead and take full responsibility for having a healthy diet and give yourself some peace of mind that not only cancer can be cured but also prevented.

Alkalizing Diet: Cancer Can Be Cured

The question here is – should the diet be completely deprived of acidic foods, and instead be comprised of only alkalizing foods? No, you want to include some acidifying whole foods too.  An overly alkaline condition has a number of detrimental effects and conditions related to high alkaline levels, such as Candida overgrowth. Thats one reason you should be very careful when using supercharged alkalizing substances like food grade hydrogen peroxide or even baking soda, which can throw off the delicate pH Balance our bodies try to maintain. A safe guideline for baking soda is half teaspoon diluted with 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar and then some water, once a day.

Our interstitial fluids and body pH(alkalinity levels) rely on a number of factors, like hormonal balance and gut flora.  If those are off one can develop high acidity levels.  Candida, on its own, makes the environment more alkaline, in addition creating ammonia, a highly alkaline gas.

Unlike what many seem to assume, fermented foods actually seem to promote a good pH balance.

Sourdough breads made via traditional natural fermentation do contain some lactic acid from the beneficial microbes involved in making it,  but this small amount of acid actually helps keep candida at bay.  When processed on low heat, dehydrated or sunbaked,  sourdough bread actually offers your body the additional benefit of supplying your digestive tract with billions of live probiotics that help maintain balanced pH and guard against pathogens.

Most vegetables and fruits have an alkaline-forming effect in your organism, while breads made of unfermented grains, animal foods, and highly processed foods have an acid-forming effect. Though grains commonly have an acidifying effect on the body, pseudo grains such as millet and buckwheat do not. Wheat grass juice has  a stronger alkaline environment than most fruits and vegetables and contains beneficial nutrients. You might be surprised to learn that egg yolk, honey and beef juice are alkalizing, while white Asparagus tips, garbanzo beans and blueberries are acidifying your bodily fluids. Finally, like in all aspects of life the solution lies in balance. Cancer can be cured naturally, and through a controlled diet. Here, the balance between alkalizing and acidifying nutrients from food and beverages is of great help.

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