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Massage for Pregnancy Symptoms: Varicose Veins

Massage for Pregnancy Symptoms: Varicose Veins

Women tend to recognize varicose veins at the early stage of development, and even though their pregnancy symptoms show that they embarked on a 9 months journey

Pregnancy Symptoms

Sometimes, spotting pregnancy symptoms is a lot harder than usual. All the women are different and it is only normal that all of them have different experiences with pregnancy. Some of the earliest pregnancy symptoms are usually cramps. Most women take this as a period start, but it is usually a sign of a fertilized egg. Also, women`s hormone rapidly changes after conception, and her breasts change, becoming swollen, sore or tingly only a week or two after the conception. Another sign is fatigue, and it kicks in at the very beginning of pregnancy. Feeling very tired will become normal, and it is one of the main indicators that a woman is pregnant, and so it is recommended to get as much rest as possible. Morning sickness or nausea is another indicator of pregnancy. A missed period is the most obvious sign of pregnancy. Not all most periods have to mean that pregnancy is certain. Some other signs of potential pregnancy are constant urination, constipation, constant change of mood, headaches and back pain, dizziness and fainting.

Massage for Varicose Veins

Women tend to recognize varicose veins at the early stage of development, and even though their pregnancy symptoms show that they embarked on a 9 months journey, they want to look good after giving birth and want to take extra care to keep their body intact. A change in lifestyle, exercise, support stockings and herbal and nutritional remedies will help in the fight with varicose veins.
There are several massage techniques such as lymphatic drainage and circulatory massage, which increase general circulation and by doing so, improve tissue nutrition. These are especially beneficial when it comes to varicose veins. Another great technique is Circulatory technique, which consists of short effleurage strokes that help blood flow smoother within the vein, and longer strokes which are used to increase the flow throughout the length of the vein. Also, lymphatic drainage strokes effect lymphatic circulation in such a way, that they move lymph into lymph vessels and into general circulation. Every massage used for venous insufficiency should aim for the heart. Simply and gently pressure with the full palm or fingertips when massaging over varicose veins.
In Europe, people utilize connective tissue massage to increase peripheral circulation and healing speed of the affected tissues. Try to limit friction when massaging varicose veins by using lubricants. Choose oils over creams or lotions. The best mixture is 50/50 of heated olive oil and tincture of myrrh over varicose veins, as is recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings. It is also suggested to use peanut oil in sessions in which the varicose veins are not on an area of primary concern. To relieve itching and irritation, use cold witch hazel and rub it gently on the legs.

Exercise, Elevation and Herbs for Varicose Veins

Doesn’t matter if you are a woman with pregnancy symptoms or a guy with these ballooned veins and have decided to take care of your venous stasis, it is recommended for all those with varicose veins to move a lot. Do not stand for a long period of time; instead, move around. A simple walk around the block can do the job, or walking the dog around the neighborhood. If you are a massage therapist, you should know when to switch between sitting and standing in order to minimize the weight on your legs and therefore relieve them from stress. A simple item such as a sitting stool can help you in weight shifting. People with symptomatic varicose veins should rest a lot; it is recommended that they spend at least 15-20 minutes resting after work, with lifted ankles to a 45 degree angle. Another great trick is sleeping with the foot of the bed lifted to a 5 or 10 degrees angle. Compression stocking should be taken into consideration, since they are now available commercially, and have a tremendous contribution and significance in treating of varicose veins.
A lot of remedies of herbal nature are highly effective when it comes to treating varicose veins. Among the most effective is Horse chestnut seed extract. The recommended dose is 100-150 mg daily. However, it is contraindicated in pregnancy.

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