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On All Fours: A Full Body Workout

all the muscle groups become exerted

On All Fours: A Full Body Workout

All Fours Benefits

A full body workout targets all of the muscles, and it helps each one of them build up and develop. Full body workout is also a great way of preparing your body for series of different exercises, since it is one of the fastest ways to warm up. It is also very challenging for your nervous system, and by using this technique, one can move easily through almost any environment.
Moving on all fours should be as easy as walking on two legs, and yet it is way more efficient since the hands and feet are both used to provide stability, firm grip and prevention from slipping or falling down. It is extremely valuable in situations when height and angled surfaces cause trouble, and in those situations it is only logical to get low and use the all fours technique to safely make your way across this terrain. It is very important to know how to coordinate your feet and hands, for it will get you up quickly in situations when you fall to the ground or squirm out of a narrow tunnel.

On All Fours: A Full Body Workout

It all starts by kneeling on the ground and equally spreading your weight among your hands and feet. This is what constitutes a full body workout, for when you are walking on all fours, all the muscle groups become exerted. What you need to pay extreme attention to is motion: Always use the opposite hand and foot. If you try to lift your left arm and left leg at the same time, you will realize that something is wrong, and at the same time, the weight won’t be equally distributed from left to right side of your body. In order to move forward and for this full body workout to have an effect, you need to stay coordinated and keep the balance of your weight evenly spread. Walk by moving left hand and right foot, right hand and left foot at the same time. Keep a firm grip, exercise your body balance and the strength in the arms will develop as time goes by.

Have Fun With Animal Exercises

Imitation of the animal walk can be fun, but at the same time very exhausting for it requires a lot of strength and energy to keep walking like a dog, a monkey, a frog, or to stand in a hedgehog pose. Yet, these poses can be very useful when it comes to improving balance and focus, concentration, confidence, self-esteem and a mind-body connection. Doing a full body workout while being in one of the animal poses is fun and beneficial, and you can do it alone or with your child. If you decide to do it with a child, simply think of it as animal yoga, get into a position of a chosen animal, close your eyes, and pretend you are that animal by staying in its pose for as long as you can. Kids will love it, and you will get your daily dose of relaxing and stretching up. And after that, you will be warm enough to start another full body workout.

Animal yoga for kids