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power nap vs sleep disorders

ever wonder why animals dont have sleep disorders?

If you are working every day, and you just can’t find enough free time to relax, you will end up becoming just another person with a chronic sleep disorder. It is a common thing to get once your everyday duties start pushing your sleeping hours further and further into the night. Eventually, a lot of fatigue will accumulate and it will start affecting your body and self-consciousness. In order to solve this issue, try to insert a power nap into your daily routine.

Naps cure sleep disorders

Many people with sleep disorders are often left with no other choice but to take power naps during the day. Not only are the naps very effective, but you will literally press the reset button once the naptime is over because probably nothing gets you as relaxed as napping. Amazing results are shown after just 20 minutes of napping; your alertness level and your motor performances are increased significantly.

The length of the nap dictates the types of benefits you get; if the nap prolongs to a time period between 30 and 60 minutes, your decision making skills will improve and you will be able to memorize data quickly, or remember a direction with ease. If the napping time stretches beyond 60 minutes and up to 90 minutes, it will help your brain make new connections and will help it in solving problems which require a lot of focus.

Naps are better than coffee

Caffeine is a great source of energy, and is more than often that boost we all need, but taking a nap instead of turning towards caffeine is usually better. Caffeine is known to lower ones memory performance, and although it gives us that energy boost, we are prone to making more mistakes. On the other hand, creating a habit and making a power nap your primary choice of rejuvenation can cure your sleep disorders.

Also, an afternoon nap is great in preventing heart diseases. A study has shown that men who take their afternoon nap at least twice a week have 37% reduced chance of getting a heart disease. Many countries around the world take a nap instead of coffee right after lunch, and in these countries, heart attacks are not an often case of death, and people live normal lives, without chronic sleep disorders. Unfortunately, UK and USA are not among those countries, since these two don’t propagate afternoon naps.

Is napping always a good idea?

Many researches show that napping on a regular basis reduces stress and the risk of getting a heart disease. This is achieved by consistency and napping every day at the same time, and also by not prolonging your nap. It is important to keep your body warm, and to block out all the lights for the nap to have a full effect.
But, napping is not always a good idea, for it may affect your sleep and cause sleep disorders with some people.

The bad side of napping is that it may result in sleep deprivation when the bed time comes. Also, there are people who feel dazed and can’t seem to concentrate after having a quick nap. It is highly recommended to know your body first, experiment with naps, and based on the results decide whether to make it a part of your daily routine or not .

Massage actually induces power naps as well as great full night rest