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Reverse Chronic Diseases with Diatomaceaous Earth

Reverse Chronic Diseases with Diatomaceaous Earth

guard against Chronic Diseases with food grade diatomaceous earth supplement

Reverse Chronic Disease with Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is one of the best food supplements which were kept in the dark until now. It is a natural substance rich in silica, a mineral with unimaginable health benefits. DE is basically a fossilized shell of diatom, the one-celled plant which is the main source of food for marine life. Diatoms existed way before humans, and are still today present in both the fresh and salt water. Being rich in silica, Diatomaceous Earth is known to restore the silica level in the body and by doing so, greatly improve health and reverse many chronic diseases. It is also used for cleansing the body from toxics and acids.

Silica the Missing Piece

Diatoms shells are made up of silica or silicon dioxide. Planet is rich with silica, but the problem is that most of the sources rich with silica are unabsorbable by the human body and therefore, we are unable to fully regenerate the missing silica inside our bodies. Diatomaceous Earth is a great way of restocking on silica which is not only good for reversing chronic diseases, it is also very effective at improving bone health, stopping osteoporosis, improving immune system in general, fighting off the Alzheimer’s and improving the general lung and heart health. Silica is an important ingredient in many body functions, and is directly connected with the mineral absorption. In order to keep our health at an optimal level, our body requires around seven grams of silica which is way more than calcium or iron.

Food such as alfalfa, brown rice and beets contain high level of silica. Leafy green vegetables and bell peppers provide a lot of silica, while asparagus, parsley, Jerusalem artichokes and sunflower seeds contain a very small amount of it. The evolution has led to soil depletion, which affected the quality of food. Today, we only take in about one third of silica of what we used to via food.

Silica is gathered inside the body while we are still in the development stage of life. This allows our bodies to remain strong and resilient, flexible and energetic. But, as we grow older, silica levels start to fall and by the time we are full grown adults, almost 80 percent of silica is lost. This is why we should focus more on eating silica-rich sources of food, and add Diatomaceous earth as a supplement to our meals.

Diatomaceous Earth Safety

Not all forms of Diatomaceous earth are safe. There are different kinds of DE deposits, and only 4 of them are Food grade. DE which was gathered from fresh water is of high purity, and is considered a food grade. This is due to the reason that fresh water diatoms contain non-crystalline silica, which is safe for humans to consume. Another natural occurring source is crystalline silica, often found in salt-water diatoms, and known to be extremely dangerous for our lungs and heart, especially if inhaled. Food grade DE is recognizable as it occurs in the shape of white powder, while other forms appear brownish or reddish. Also, dosage is a teaspoon a day for best results. You can mix it with water, juice or other liquid food. Silica has no side effects, and regular consumption of it can show a huge difference in health; from reversing many chronic diseases to improving your body and bone structures.

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