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Staying Fit with Sauna After 30!

Staying Fit with Sauna After 30!

Saunas also offer a kick start to your HGH synthesis in addition to an awesome truly anti aging arsenal of goodies

It turns out several powerful and all natural tools exist to help you stay young and fit after 30! regular Cryotherapy, HGH synthesis thru daily bursts of high intensity workouts or interval training that involves anaerobic exercise, regular 12-14 hr fasting, and getting regular good beauty rest 🙂 notice the word “regular”??

Saunas also offer a kick start to your HGH synthesis in addition to an awesome truly anti aging arsenal of goodies.

stay fit- keep your HGH levels up naturally!

Human Growth Hormone(HGH) effectively is a youth hormone. It keeps you fit as it helps reduce fat while increasing muscle mass, improves memory and growth of new brain cells and tissue repair. HGH is responsible for muscle endurance, speed and strength. From birth our bodies tend to make progressively less of HGH and by around age 30 its levels can become sufficiently low to contribute to various signs of aging, unless you step in and help your body make more.

Avoid artificial growth hormones! One such artificial steroid IGF-1 has has been shown to drastically reduce longevity in mice, rats and flies and to raise risk of cancer, due to excessive amounts of HGH. Artificial steroid injections have a hypertrohic effect on all parts of the body and these effects have not been extensively studied. Instead learn how to boost your natural HGH production.

Saunas- natural HGH boost and antiaging!

Saunas offer one natural way of boosting HGH production and staying fit. While you are sweating and detoxing, the heat also has a hyperthermic conditioning effect. With regular sauna use your body temperature becomes acclimated to hyperthermia or above normal temperature and reaps the benefit of accelerated HGH production. One advantage of heat acclimation/hyperthermic conditioning has over artificial steroids is that it does not compromise your longevity!

Hyperthermic conditioning/heat acclimation also offers advantages for your health other than HGH production.

For one, heat acclimation improves the workings of your hypothalamus and in part responsible for runner’s high.

Male runners were able to endure 32% longer after 12 sessions of 30 min sauna use twice a week, done right after an intense run. Saunas provide all the incredible benefits, described below, independent of exercise. For this reason someone who has experienced muscle atrophy due to immobilization or wants to maintain muscle tone and staying fit while immobilized should have regular access to saunas.

Word of caution: Sauna provides a controlled stress on the body causing your body to become more efficient, yielding all the benefits described. However, subjecting your body stress involves risk, as every individual experiences stress differently. For this reason, sauna use should be incorporated into your lifestyle gradually: few minutes at a time slowly work up to no more than 30 minutes. Listen to your body and always leave the sauna as soon as you start feeling exhausted or overwhelmed.

nitty gritty of sauna magic

Heat improves circulation: meaning by exercising under hyperthermic condition you have much better results and experience due to improved nutrient supply of glucose, fatty acids and oxygen. A cold muscle engaged in endurance training will start relying on and depletes stored glycogen 40-50% faster, leaving you with that “hit a wall” wiped out feeling.

You may have heard that people with heart conditions are not fit for saunas. Surprisingly then, heat acclimation actually reduces strain on your heart and heart rate as it improves blood flow to your heart. Hyperthermic conditioning also has a residual effect on normal exercises by activating sweating and blood vessel dilation at those lower body temperatures. Sweat and vasodilation, your natural thermoregulation mechanisms, allow you to maintain a comfortable core body temperature so you can exercise longer and achieve your goals of staying fit faster!

Ironically, exercise creates oxidative stress which causes protein degradation and compromising hypertrophy or the net gain in muscle mass. Hyperthermic acclimation offsets oxidative stress by improving protein synthesis and thus contributes to muscle hypertrophy.

It does so in three ways:
1. increases release of HGH
2. induces expression of heat shock proteins
3. improves insulin sensitivity

Sauna use improves your nervous system and brain function!
1. It improves focus and attention by boosting norepinephrine
2. helps you think faster thanks to improved nerve cell myelination resulting from higher levels of prolactin
3. repairs nerve cells also due to nerve cell myalination
4. decreases depression and anxiety from early stressful events
5. builds new brain cells,
6. helps you learn, all due to neurogenesis catalyzed by BDNF cells
7. achieves a feeling of euphoria, due heightened endorphin precursor levels!


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