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Accelerated Training to Lose Cellulite and Weight Fast

Intermittent fasting means doing a short fast regularly. It resets your body to lose excess weight fast

Why cellulite sticks around

Most experts agree cellulite is toxin laden fat pressing against connective tissue. This fat gets trapped so that lymph, our natural detox system, has trouble getting in and cleaning it out. Part of the problem is our habitual dietary reliance on carbs, simple sugars, salts and processed oils, all contributing to fat and toxic load on our bodies.

Instead focus on reducing your starches and flours like breads, pastas, rice and potatoes, and adding a lot more  fresh vegetables, and some healthy fat sources: avocados, olives, nuts and seeds and clean animal fats like fatty seafood, grass fed egg yolk and organ meats and dairy for some.

Sedentary lifestyles and/or improper/inadequate exercise do most of the remaining damage.

It requires cleaning up our diets and then incorporating the following 3 proven good habits to kick start a fat and cellulite cleanse. Doing so will have you losing weight fast!

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting means doing a short fast regularly.  It resets your body to lose excess weight fast. A rather trouble free way of fasting is by eating during a set time frame during the day. It is best to stop all food intake by 7 pm.  The rest of the night and while you sleep you are fasting. Your next meal is lunch, so no breakfast for you. However, even a 12 hour fast has a lot of healing potential, so as long as youre good about ignoring urges to eat at night, you may wake up hungry and more than ready to break your 12 hour fast.  That is what I normally feel best doing.  After your healthy breakfast/lunch, wait to eat until you really feel hungry, even if its “time” to eat. Hunger is not an emergency signal; its simply how your body communicates its ok to eat now!

2 Kinds of Workouts to Lose Weight Fast

High intensity interval trainingcan partly substitute for intermittent fasting by boosting your production of Human Growth Hormone(HGH), your fat burning youth hormone, also responsible for good muscle  tone among many other wonderful benefits of being young.  The detoxing effects do become faster and stronger when you combine this kind of training with fasting.   For best results break your fast after your 20 minute morning high intensity work out.

Accelerated training isnt just another term for this great article. Accelerated training refers to the bouncing action of something like Power Plate, a vibrating platform. The constant vibrations cause thousands of muscle contractions which pump lymphatic fluid from problem cellulite areas, thus reducing congestion and toxins.  This equipment  has been shown to significantly reduce cellulite and help lose weight fast.  It yields even better results in conjunction with aerobic exercise and low calorie diets.

Participants were able to lose twice as much “gut” fat as the control group, who did not use this equipment and then kept it off 12 months later, unlike the control group.  Rebounding or jumping on a mini-trampoline offers some of the same advantages, due to compounded load of forces exerted, but to a lesser degree.

As kids we typically stay fast and rambunctious. Many remain active as teenagers, really testing our limits with physically demanding short burst activities to keep ourselves occupied and to give our boundless energies and emotions an outlet. Sadly, that changes dramatically for most, as we leave our teens and grapple with toils and responsibilities. We stop physically cultivating our bodies and our HGH production stagnates. Unless we prioritize an adequately active lifestyle, HGH starts nose diving in early 20s. 

The more belly fat you carry, the less HGH  you produce.  Low HGH production makes fat difficult to lose and easy to gain. Thankfully, both high intensity and accelerated training in addition to fasting can really reverse that cycle.  Learn more ways to boost your HGH levels naturally  and lose weight fast:)