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vibration workouts for women

Shaking exercises are perfect workouts for women, because they normalize hormone function, stimulate proper muscle tone and effectively dislodge cellulite.

shaking: perfect workouts for women and men

Our cells constantly emit micro vibrations to stimulate virtually all organic processes and muscle contractions to keep us alive and well. Due to sedentary lifestyles, food choices and resulting lazy habits, our bodies lose this innate function and stagnate, precipitating disease and aging. External vibrations then can offer vast healing benefits when our bodies stagnate or to help keep our bodies in optimum condition. Shaking exercises are perfect workouts for women, because they normalize hormone function, stimulate proper muscle tone and effectively dislodge cellulite. Then again, men can also benefit from all of the above. Lets see whats out there to help us stay fully vibrant.

The oriental world of healing exercise includes shaking the body to send vibrations throught, as part of Qigong. Shaking can be done simply by standing (preferably barefoot for better sensory input and grounding) with your soles having full contact with the ground. Perform quick light springing by allowing your knees to slightly straighten and then slightly collapse into a bent position. It helps to imagine that you are standing on a train or a boat and its a little turbulent.

Another healing exercise come from Japan, described by a holistic doctor as the “torn leaf”/”fly”, a dying fly for that matter.
The vibrations it creates also helps push venous blood towards the heart and thus resolve and avoid varicose veins.
1.Lie down on your back
2. lift your feet and arms up in the air, with your elbows and knees slightly bent
3. shake your extremities all at once and with quick subtle vibrations all the way up to your relaxed fingers and toes.
4. Your ankles and wrists should shake freely.
5. Stay completely relaxed and continue until you get tired
6. Imagine you are a tree and your hands and feet are just leaves shaking in the breeze.
7. Do this exercise if not daily, then at least several times a week.

rebounding:perfect workout for women and men

Rebounding or bouncing on a trampoline also causes rhythmic vibrations in the body. With rebounding, a lot of the benefit is due to alternating acceleration and deceleration, which shakes things up in a positive way! When jumping or running on the ground, legs and feet experience a lot more acceleration than your torso and head do. In jumping I think this happens because most people let all the propulsion go into their legs by bending their knees towards their chest as they lift the ground, rather than straighten them as they are pushing off the ground. This way the whole body acts as a projectile.

The more forcefully you push off, the straighter your legs will be as you jump and the more acceleration your entire body will benefit from. You also wont be getting that uncomfortable feeling pulling at your abdomen as its dealing with legs flying off at high speed while the torso remains almost stationary. When it comes to running, same principle applies. You want to push off of each foot in turn and let your legs straighten in that movement, rather than let your legs move underneath of you always bent. You can apply the principle of glide walking to running.

Having said that, looks like rebounding offers additional benefits regardless of your running/jumping technique. You can benefit from the following due to the acceleration forces created by rebounding on a trampoline.

better lymph drainage and immunity
stimulates your skeletal system and increases bone mass
better digestion
More effective than running with very little stress on the ankles and knees
Improves overall energy and stamina due to stimulation of cellular respiration through mitochondria and oxygen circulation
better balance because its stimulating the vestibule in the middle ear
has a synergistic effect on other exercise- An an experiment, weight lifters did 30 seconds of rebounding between sets and gained 25% more muscle over 12 weeks than those who did not. learn how to harness the muscle building properties of short 30 second high intensity exercise
exercises you whole body and helps improve muscle tone
may also support the thyroid and adrenals

People have achieved great results from rebounding a one hr 5 days a week, which can be further broken up into 3-5 short bursts of exercise throughout the day. However, a daily 15 minute trampoline workout can still offer all the same benefits albeit probably not as quickly or as drastically.

You can buy a mini trampoline for under $30 or spend more on a bouncier one for more benefit. Incorporate rebounding slowly into your routine and start out with light bouncing with feet remaining on the trampoline to get reacquainted with childhood.
Its easy to find time to bounce on a mini trampoline since its so visible! Also, if and when you need to take a break from your pocket screen or feeling down, try it! Remember how fun it is? Or get a full size trampoline and fool your whole family to frolic with you so you can keep an eye on them while you get something wholesome finally accomplished. Perfect workouts for women, especially a busy stay at home mom.

virbrating equipment

This section will discuss great workouts for women who are all about results in the quickest amount of time. Some well meaning equipment exists to simulate vibrations caused by bouncing and shaking. One recommended one, worth checking out, the Power Plate, has a platform for you to stand on while you do exercise. It produces multiple vibrations per second, probably faster than what you can create on your own via shaking/bouncing. In effect it should reduce the work out time as it causes additional muscle fiber contractions, which the same exercise done off the platform normally doesnt call for. Some gyms provide this equipment, so you may want to test it out for yourself before investing 3 thousand. Handheld vibrating weights exist and essentially do the same thing, but likely target the arms and upper torso front and back. Both are good workouts for women, as women would never settle for only half our body looking great.

Another piece of vibrating equipment, the vitafon, was invented in Russia for medical use: frequency range of 20-18000 Hz with amplitude to max 100 microns. Its application ranges from mental disorders in children to bone fractures to infections. It comes with detailed simple instructions so that anyone can use it at home, provided you can get it translated :)>

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