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Natural Makeup at Your Fingertips!

If you have to pick a quick one stop exercise between everything else going on in your life, I would stick out my tongue, bulge out my eyes and make a terrific face 🙂

Natural Makeup are

Massage and Exercise?

Estee Lauder, Lancome may be pricey, but are not at all natural makeup. You probably felt delighted as I did, when a woman at Alta long time ago, beckoned me to try BareMinerals, an all natural makeup… But if you check the ingredients, BareMinerals has Bismuth oxychloride, an artificial substance derived from copper and lead smelting. Bismuth oxychloride, a known skin irritant, poses a special problem, since mineral makeup has been marketed primarily to those with sensitive skin!

Even if you opt for brands that dont use it, like Jane Iredale, Mineral Silk and ErthYes, these contain still other ingredients such as mica and talc. Talc especially, should be avoided since it is an irritant and a carcinogen. Mica, depending on how its processed can have jagged edges large enough to cuse micro teas to your skin.

Some good brands I found include Karma naturals(eye liner, and uses micronized mica for eye shadow, bronzer, blush), Gabriel(primer, lipstick, mascara-good ingredients, but doesnt offer long lasting coverage)Origins, KissMyFace for lotions and creams. There are many other good lotion and cream companies, but since I started making my own natural makeup, I dont keep up with them.

No doubt, women will spend a fortune on good quality beauty care products. However, would you spend time instead?
If done regularly, several times a week, and continuously, you can reverse aging and achieve a beautiful skintone. Im talking about face massage and exercises you can do anywhere. No money spent so far… Save on all that powder and foudation, as well as exorbitant antiaging creams, so you can save or invest a fraction of that money into a little color and something to accentuate your beautiful features.

Natural makeup: Face Massage

Watch these face massage videos videos Think about it: what do you need makeup for? cover up blemishes, skin imperfections and texture? Make your eyes look bigger and more almond shaped? get rid of that hooded eye look? make your lips poutier? Make your skin glow?

Face Massage brings forth circulation which caries building blocks such as collagen and other proteins you need for healthy skin. It also moves stagnant fluids and improves muscle tone, both largely responsible for bags under your eye, droopy eyelids and cheeks. Better muscle tone means fewer wrinkles and tighter skin. Face massage also exfoliates dead skin, revealing new young skin and helping your pores stay small by keeping them clear of debris. What is another name for tight and exfoliated skin? Radiant healthy glow! Tell me what other all natural makeup can do all that?

Natural makeup Face and Tongue Exercise

Bigger, almond shaped eyes and poutier lips? No problem. Know that anytime you reach out your lips and squeeze them around something, you are taunting Angelina Jolie. Rotating your eyes in cirlces, diagonally and sideways exercises your eyesight and improves their appearance. So does, lifitng up your lower eyelids against resistnace provided by fingertips of one hand placed very gently right where eye lid starts . Same thing should be done for upper eye lid. Same resistance applied to outer corners of eyes as you squeeze them towards each other will help define their almond shape. Get rid of sullen look, by bulging out your eyes to work your orbicularis oculi.

Your tongue muscle attaches deep within and links to facial and jaw muscles via fascia, and so deserves its own natural makeup category. As a kid I remember having fun wathcing my tongue dance in the mirror. If you have to pick a quick one stop exercise between everything else going on in your life, I would stick out my tongue, bulge out my eyes and make a terrific face 🙂

You know your diet effects your skin. Sunlight can also bring out that beautiful complexion! Yes 10-30 minutes of sunlight daily, depending on your skin color, is important for Vitamin D production, a vital component of healthy skin. I suggest you sunbathe at sunrise, sunset or in the shade. Now you see plenty of free natural makeup around?!

Here are some hydrating anti aging masks hydrating creams and body scrubs you will love !

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