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Positive Vibrations Exercise for Poor Circulation

This particular technique relieves congestion in the veins and will help treat and avoid varicose veins when done daily.

Your whole body functions via micro vibrations, necessary for things like healing and cell repair, hormone production, and circulation at the cellular level to circulate nutrients and building blocks in out of your cells. These vibrations are active in your youth, largely due to active life styles and some amount of natural built in resistance to wear. However, its never too early to start learning how to help your body maintain those positive vibrations. Sedentary lifestyle, junk food, negative emotions, or being overworked either physically or emotionally lead to poor circulation and stagnation in our bodies. As a result interruptions in these essential life sustaining vibrations occurs. One way to help your body is to introduce external vibrations with three basic types of activities: bouncing, shaking, and slapping. In this article I will discuss how to do these yourself without any machines.

However, a number of massaging vibration tools exist as well as vibrating machines and platforms said to enhance any exercise due to stimulation of multiple muscular contractions. At least one medical ultrasound tool exists available for home use, called the Vitafon, which helps with a wide spectrum of conditions such as poor circulation, and has a very specific intensity and time protocol for each.

Intensity and time matters. Just for reference, excessively powerful vibrations produced by operating hand-held vibrating tools over extended periods have been found to cause injury and changes in tendons, muscles, bones, joints, as well as the nervous system, according to Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety.

Always exercise personal judgment and always listen to your body whenever engaging in any new physical activity, using new vibration device or taking either to the next level!

Slapping for Poor Circulation

Slapping is one way to introduce feel good vibrations to your body and to improve poor circulation. The frequency of these is quite sparse in comparison to shaking but you have full control over the intensity and location. Generally you want to slap up and down your whole body. Use one hand, both alternating or synchrony. I usually alternate among all three, depending on strength or frequency desired. Up the outer arms, but avoid the inner arms. Clapping your hands is a great way to introduce vibrations! Slap your upper back, shoulders by bending at the elbow and holding it up with the other for better reach. Slap your abdomen in clockwise circular pattern.

To send vibrations deep into the gluteal muscles, use one hand on each butt cheek unilaterally. Lift your arm shoulder level or higher and release. Some force may be desired, but should feel pleasurable. Same thing for outer thighs. Bend at your hips, not your back as you go down the leg. Transition to both hands alternating slaps down the outer shins. Avoid the full length of your inner leg and do long upward strokes instead to stimulate fluid drainage.

To see what this feels like, get a massage and ask for tappotement, aka slapping. Its always nice to let someone else do all the work 🙂

Shaking for Poor Circulation

Shaking can be very powerful and fast, great for poor circulation and quite invigorating! Start out slow and build up. This can be done standing with both feet glued to the ground or by lifting one heel ata time for less frequent but more forceful waves all the way up the lower body. This particular technique relieves congesion in the veins and will help treat and avoid varicose veins when done daily.Refer to my video.

You can also shake, lying on your back with arms and legs up in the air. A Japanese doctor introduced this to the world, attributing this simple exercise to the remarkable healing of most of his cancer patients! Refer to my video at the very end.

Bouncing for Poor Circulation

Bouncing, possibly the most efficient way to boost poor circulation, is most effectively done via rebounding on the trampoline or mini-trampoline. You can simulate this motion by lifting both heels and letting your knees spring up and down gently as you let your feet bounce. Take it a step further by letting your whole body lift off the ground slightly. Read this article on the healing magic of trampolines and positive vibrations via shaking 😀


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