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Good Posture in Your Kitchen

What if we treated posture as another physical activity, say soccer or dance. To become skilled , it does require body awareness. The difference is that as a reward you get to have fun!

I want good posture 24/7 !!!

Your Kitchen: Posture Practice Room

Yes good posture takes practice. You think of practice as honing a good skill. However, when it comes to posture, most people’s minds go on vacation, and so in return we get good at something really bad. Ay!

What if we treated posture as another physical activity, say soccer. To become skilled at this game, it does require body awareness. The difference is that as a reward you get fun! In case with practicing good posture you get something more philosophical: the absence of punishment 🙂 If you think about it, that means you wont wake up with stiff neck, so that you can enjoy your trip to Bahamas and while there you will be pain free to enjoy 100% of your trip. Sounds pretty rosy, but before you throw in other variables such as a crazy uncle or bad weather, dont. Situate me comfortably in your kitchen on your tiny HD digital device and lets get movin!

Spread Your legs for Good posture

Lots of things in the kitchen and elsewhere require you to look below your eye level. Since our mind is 100% preoccupies, our posture gets only a trance like glazed over look from it. Lets get rid of that. Lets 100% focus today on how to keep our back straight. Do you like a challenge?

Answer these questions first:
How do you look when you are washing the dishes? Cutting the veggies? loading your dishwasher?
Now ask your friend to take a pic of you in all three stances. Are your legs spread? Or spread in any of these pics? I hope you said yes to one of these: likley the dishwasher. Did you know guys doing dishes has been slowly on the rise since 2003. I know not very exciting but guys are awful at posture and simply cant get away with it anymore.

If you find yourself stuck prepping a family salad or washing after all the family, dont hover over it all grumpy like Gargoyle. Think, what can you do so that you can stay comfortable. This typically takes a wide stance. Occasionally make a little dance out of it by shifting your weight from one leg to the other. This will help prevent cramps, keep your circulation happy and your mind as well 😀

Dont bend sideways for Good Posture Sake

Its common to get glued into one spot; but practice adjusting instead, moving your feet to widen that stance or point it in the direction of body lean as you are reaching for something. This way you keep your back straight and not contorting wildly without proper support. When picking things up from way down low, bring one leg back and shift your weight to the back foot. Lean from the hips always. Good posture is actually a very simple concept you can tweak for all sorts of activities. Main thing is to have your feet, hips and legs bear your weight and keep your back from contorting.