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natural makeup:eye and eyelid exercise:

when an acupressure mat comes in contact with a problem area, at least one of these points will hit at or close to the source of pain. Such general application works well for overall relief but does not work as well for pain inside knee.

Natural makeup eye exercises will help you reduce or get rid of wrinkles and crows feet underneath the delicate eye area, tone eye lids, make your eyes larger, much more visible and more and more shapely,not droopy sullen and hidden. Your face has quite in impact on how others relate to you, positively or negatively. Eyes draw eyes, so lets show them something.

Natural Makeup: Eyelid Resistance training

Its best to do these natural makeup exercises in front of a mirror. Eye lid exercise requires some light resistance assisted by your fingers. The reason for this it obviously to challenge those muscles but also to avoid wrinkling that happens during the exercise. Yes, its true while you are working your lower eye lid to avoid and diminish those crows feet, its possible to develop exercise wrinkles… if you dont create some traction with your fingers. The exercise consists of in turn placing light pressure with all fingers of one except your thumb. Use right hand to work right side and left to work the left side. You can work both sides at the same time or in turn,

First place fingers right at the bottom of eye socket, so that you can feel the ridge of the socket with their pads and touching on the soft eye lid are with their tips. Now pull your eyelids up. You should feel the eyelids working against resistance. If not move your fingers millimeter higher so that there is slight traction.

Natural Makeup: Exercise for eyeballs

Muscles responsible for eye movement also effect the look and shape of your eyes. Daily exercising these rectus and oblique muscles will not only improve blood supply to your eyeball and help your eyes stay bright and radiant, but will also will considerably improve your eyesight, by restoring the convexity of your lenses. Eye lense shape, and therefore eyesight, largely depend on eye muscle tone or muscle tone balance.

These exercises are simple to describe and to do. I like to do these upon waking up , laying in bed, before they have been strained by work. When I feel eye strain, I do the “butterfly”. Its best to take a quick butterfly break before you Take your time and really reach, but dont strain yourself!

Combined exercise and comprehensive breaks

Whats that? you ask… Combined exercise combines the same exercises described above. Reach with both your eyelids and your eyeballs while offering gentle resistance with finger traction. Do this in all directions. Once you get the hang of isolating your eyelid and eyeball movements, you can then skip working eyes and eyelids individually, and combine those exercises.

Another combined exercise is a neck stretch and eye/eyelid isometric exercise. The movement of eyes and eyelids is exact opposite of the movement of your head and neck. Tilt your head up, while looking down and so forth in all directions.

By comprehensive breaks I mean do some stretches and exercises that effects the whole face during your routine. I like to do head roll and tongue stretches, because I can really feel these movements throughout my face. I believe results are much better and the session more relaxing when you do. Natural makeup at your fingertips!

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