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Pain Behind Knee Climbing Stairs

Pain behind knee can occur suddenly from twisting the knee quickly as happens if you step wrong and twist your ankle. It helps to practice ankle mobility exercises

No matter your age, when pain behind knee strikes you may feel and seem quite old all of a sudden. This pain will cause you to waddle like a granny or worse yet, may make you unwilling to move at all. lets see some common conditions, causes, and solutions to pain behind knee…

Baker’s Cyst and Pain Behind Knee

Pain behind knee can most commonly occur due to fluid build up in the fluid filled sac behind the knee, called popliteal bursae. This usually feels like a swollen balloon and tightness behind knee. Difficulty in walking, kneeling, straightening and bending knee accompanies this condition. This can happen sudden;y from a blow to the knee or gradually normally precipitated by arthritic fluids making their way into the bursae. Exercise, ice, massage, electrotherapy, managing arthritis, and aspiration can be used to treat it.

Posterior Meniscus Tear causes Pain Behind Knee

Locking, feeling unstable, swelling, and difficulty straightening the knee are common symptoms accompanying this injury. Pain behind knee can occur suddenly from twisting the knee quickly as happens if you step wrong and twist your ankle. It helps to practice ankle mobility exercises to help guard against this injury. It can also occur gradually from incorrect body mechanics in walking and standing or inflammation in the body. Worst aggravators for this injury are walking, running, squatting, and climbing stairs. To treat it use massage, PRICE, exercises, tubigrip, or a knee brace. Recovery takes nmonths due to low blood circulation in the meniscus.

Arthritis can Cause Pain Behind knee

Either osteoarthritis, wear and tear or rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory arthritis, can cause pain behind knee.
Arthritis induced pain usually has a gradual onset. Symptoms include morning stiffness, swelling, clicking and grinding and reduced range of motion in the lower leg. Prolonged inactivity or too much activity and cold weather tend to aggravate it. Exercises, massage and acupuncture, weight loss, corrections to gait and posture, walking aids, knee brace, heat, ice, gel knee pads, cushioned footwear, medication, and injections all can help stop progression of arthritis.

All three conditions sometimes may get bad enough to call for surgery, even a knee replacement as in case with arthritis. A great alternative with much faster recovery time and superior results exists to conventional Knee replacement, which is a major procedure and normally requires months of physical therapy, diligent workots at home and gradual recovery to somewhat approximate normal knee flexion. The alternative is possible thanks to stem cell injections. Just a few clinics exists around the country that practice it but, recovery time is only a few days without any scar tissue and patients report full functionality. Each procedure costs about 2K, which seems quite a bargain considering its alternatives. Refer to links below for more info.

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