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20 Minute Fitness Routine for Muscle & Brain Function

next only to growing muscle and brain cells in your sleep 🙂 Its a 20 minute workout

Magic Bullet Fitness Routine

Did you know that fluctuations in brain function directly reflect your fitness levels? If you didnt know, both your brain health and muscle tone depend on your production of Growth Hormone. This substance aka youth hormone has a way of diminishing if our activity levels dont pick up the pace. Here is your magic bullet, next only to growing muscle and brain cells in your sleep 🙂 Its a 20 minute workout, done up to 3 times a week, consisting of 8 30 second intervals of very high intensity exercises separated by seven 90 second “rest” periods. The moves you see in the video are just some moves I like to do myself. The important thing is that you do spend a few minutes warming up all your joints. I prefer to warm up with brisk massage and slapping to invigorate blood flow, followed by joint activating movements and dynamic stretches. I like to engage the whole body as soon as possible and getting on all fours is one great way to do that.

The high intensity aspect

Isnt high intensity what you do with interval training? Well, not if you are looking to boost your growth hormone levels. For this 20 minute workout each 30 second interval has to be so intense that you literally can handle no more than those 30 seconds. I find myself still working up to that to that level of fitness. I start out completing the first few 30 second intervals fine, but then I have to catch my breath at about 4th  round well before 30 seconds are up. I prefer that over slowing down the pace, so that I work up stamina to 30 seconds all 8 times. Be patient with yourself. Definitely take a breather if youre feeling dizzy or any other signs of alarming body fatigue. Fitness levels are very individual so do listen to your body!

What to do with 90 seconds?

In between your 30 second routines you take breaks of 90 seconds each time. I like to keep moving while catching my breath. I use this time to prepare my body for the next high intensity interval. If my next high intensity routine involves jumps, I will definitely do some ballet moves such as knee bends like plié, quick repetitive leg extensions or tendu and ankle mobility. If I am running my next routine, then I do some lounges, hip rolls and hips side to side etc.

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