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Stretching the Missing Fitness Component

Regular stretching helps undo daily negative reinforcements to prevent their effect on your body alignment

What is Fitness

As popular as term fitness has become, do we all agree on what it means? What are some measurements of fitness? a flat belly, a kinesiolgy exercise test, body mass index? How does mind and body component fit into fitness? It turns out that adequate levels of at least two hormones DHEA and Human Growth Hormone have a positive effect on all those fitness measurements and brain function. Fitness then cannot rely on one isolated measurement. Fitness is a comprehensive condition and is just another term for life force and sex appeal.

Body Alignment the Missing Fitness Component

Fitness requires regular maintenance like a car engine: proper nutrition, exercise, but also restful sleep, most feel they can not get enough of. One crucial component overlooked is body alignment. Why body alignment? Because proper body alignment is what allows you to remain pain free and to have the range of movement to be active. Proper body alignment means your bones are not pinching your nerves and blood vessels. Proper neuron circuitry and blood flow is what you need to keep you cells and organs functioning at their full potential.

Unless you have no stress, dont ever do awkward physically unsound things( to include twisting at your torso to pick up something from the passenger’s seat or hunch or slouch at your desk)… your body alignment needs regular maintenance. Any movement or position, whether repetitive or done one time only has an effect on your body alignment. The question is does it reinforce a proper alignment. In most cases in modern busy society, no it doesnt. When it comes to repetitive positions like sitting, our bodies are like clay models, they remain molded into that slouch even as you get up and walk. Riding a bicycle, hypothetically a great exercise, reinforces terrible posture in most people as they let their back arch in a letter C. A positive reinforcement for a healthy back is to sit back and reach back with your tail bone so that your back lengthens, allowing space and movement between your vertebra and spinal nerves.

How and how often?

How do you attain good body alignment? Stretching daily first and foremost! Regular stretching helps undo daily negative reinforcements to prevent their effect on your body alignment. Everyone has 5 minutes you might rather use doing something else. Professional massage and chiropractic, in that order, would also be of great help to help undo unhealthy alignment patterns. Massage helps to loosen muscles which harness and retain bones out of alignment. You chiropractor then has a much easier time releasing those bony restrictions. Professional massage once a month is something I recommend to clients, but really you would benefit tremendously from giving yourself a massage at least two times a week 😀 Im smiling because I know the amount of relief I get from rolling on my spoonk mat. A foam roller in combination with a spoonk mat can have wondrous effects on your digestion, recovery from an injury and your outlook on life! Check out this video where I use a silicone ball in conjunction with spoonk mat to heal a sports injury. After releasing soft tissue restrictions in this way I can often align my body simply by going thru a stretch routine that targets all sides of that area.