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walk comfortable: Walking Posture Exercise

waddling is a rigid walk substitute with damaging shearing forces that can lead to degenerative diseases. a proper walk helps your knee and hip joints and builds glute and leg muscle tone. do you or someone you know waddle? sometimes, you go about unaware. Videotape yourself. 1. Waddling may result from an injury that has you walk funny but the walk turns into a habit.2. It may also be just the way you habitually learned to walk flanked by friends who walk w…aaa..aaaaa…aay sloooooo.o.o.ow 🙁 in any case practice this technique diligently until you totally get the concept . see for yourself whether or not it elicits pain or seems insane . if so 3. you may have a legitimate excuse to keep waddling.

Why do some people waddle side to side?

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