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Kill Sinus Infections with Endorphins

Vacuum Cupping has been shown to erase or reduce wrinkles, boost collagen, treat sinus infections and tone face muscles in just one treatment.

Sinus Infections killed by Cups

Yes! You can get your sinus infections killed with a couple of special well placed cups. Made of flexible silicone, glass, polycarbonate plastic and honey! these cups come in many sizes that you switch up as you vacuum your way over face, back, feet and everything in between. Moderate suction has a gamete of healing benefits to include but not limited by:

endorphin boost
stroke recovery
pain killer
acupuncture point stimulation
collagen production

Relax with Cups

What does cupping massage feel like? Generally people take well to cupping, describing it as relaxing but also akin to having a massage with strong hands. The degree of either entirely depends on the amount of suction and how well your body has become desensitized to these. Similar to any other massage, your response to therapy can be deep relaxation. You may also be sensitive to the suction at first due to numerous inter tissue adhesions or from being unaccustomed. A nose suddenly free of sinus infections will make someone also pretty relaxed “}

Is Cupping Harmful

Cups typically leave temporary welts mistaken for “bruises” which dont pose a health risk. They may be of various color too depending on what kinds of toxins get vacuumed up to skin surface. Cups left in place should be left on no longer than 15 minutes. Left longer these can cause hematomas which will pop and heal very slowly. A cup that is constantly moving wont cause heavy long lasting marks. A knowledgeable therapist will run low suction to desensitize your skin. If you ever feel like the suction is very uncomfortable by all means let them know. Within a minute or two you will be ready for deeper suction. Be prepared to see marks all over the course of next few days. You and your body will reap most benefit from a shorter cupping session performed several times with shorter recovery times. The most serious complication from cupping (done incorrectly, by a total beginner)still probably wont be as bad as a sinus infection. (disclaimer:but its possible)

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