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Got Some Ugly Easter Rabbit Desert?

I had a joyful and welcoming time at Living Healthy at Bedford Public Library Sunday. It was magical: Once colorful signs were put up curious people kept stopping to sample, chat and buy. Yes I made sales and friends 🙂 One person at this event hated my collection of easter bunnies. my deep red faced strawberry joy especially. what ??? I had no idea dessert can be disgusting…

so it turns out a bunch of uglies went to town

while three cute rabbits that stayed home /:D

lesson learned and lots of scrap recyclable bunnies left in addition to a handful of “visually appetizing” ones to their right…. plus three cuties that I forgot to put on display :)> ‪#‎Uglydessert

Favorite vegetable for dessert

You know you can Order Fresh Raw Desert Right Now…

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