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Deactivate Cravings with ASMR Massage

Deactivate Cravings with Sensual Massage

One craving can have a few neuropathways firing off at once.


 Sensual Massage & Cravings whats in Common ??

What do cravings and a sensual massage have in common? Its no easy task brushing off a craving.  One craving can have a few neuropathways firing off at once.  One may be a physical pathway, another a psychological one, as if one pathway isnt difficult to ignore already. Habit is yet another pathway sure to be reinforcing the message.  Yet all these pathways have sensual dependence in common. What is so irresistible about the reward itself? Food is the most basic sensual reward. From birth placing things in your mouth has been a source of easy entertainment, adventure and means of pacifying. So this habit is something most of us have. To some extent we all look to food for all those things.

Extra Pathways to Unlearn

Some of us dealt with regular abdominal bloat and pain from an early age. In my case it was likely caused by severe sensitivities to food staples, dairy and to a lesser degree wheat, and maybe other things too. If your well meaning family consistently suggested things like “its normal or its stool, just eat something” you would imprint on eating as a way to deal with any similar discomfort. Your anticipation of this temporary relief is that sensual reward and dependency. ( By the way, I can say now that eating was never the right answer.)

Sensual Massage for Cravings

I have tried diverting attention to a task at hand and scare tactics, which turned counterproductive. The best way I found to deal with an overwhelming craving is to engage in a self induced ASMR experience that meets all needs your craving met. Namely it needs to be easy, physically pleasurable, calming yet interesting. Facial sensual massage with help of silicone facial cups and a feather does the trick. Not only does it keep the craving at bay by diverting attention, but due to digestive reflexes found on your face it also effectively resolves the physical discomfort pathway, one of the most difficult pathways to rewire. Obviously you have your favorite pleasurable experiences at hand. Utilize those, but definitely try this sensual massage too. You will wake to much happier face that loves you back!

the many benefits of Full body Cupping Massage includes getting rid of cellulite!!!

You know what else? pea tendrils, a type of microgreen, curbs food cravings!!!

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