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Frozen Shoulders: Dont Fall Apart

frozen shoulders dont fall apart

Most of the time, frozen shoulder does not happen instantly but muscles solidify gradually due to lack of activity or from activity that defies sound body mechanics.


Why frozen shoulders happened?

Frozen shoulder is a paralyzed state of one or both shoulder. Most of the time, frozen shoulders do not happen instantly but over time when muscles solidify gradually due to lack of activity or from activity that defies sound body mechanics. Over time poor body mechanics will lead to asymmetrical muscle tone and results in misalignment in the skeleton too.

How to Spot Poor body mechanics

The principle is simple. It really helps to practice mind body communication, meaning to pay attention to how your activity feels: comfortable or uncomfrotable. At first, when you are used to doing things awkwardly you may not have any point of comparison. However, to geta clue, just stand in front of the mirror. Then, imagine you are having to pick up a bag off the ground.

Go through the motion and stop. Does it feel easy for you to remain frozen like that for a few moments or are you teetering ready to topple over? also what does it look like? Does it seem like your body is supported underneath throughout this simple motion?

How to fix poor body mechanics

Its like playing detective ! Once you gain awareness of what you are doing and how it feels and looks, you will simply correct that. Its pretty simple and fun!

Did you reach down with one shoulder and raised the opposite shoulder for balance? Did you bend somewhere in your back? Biomechanically better alternatives would be to hinge from your hips or to squat in to a side squat, while facing your torso toward what youre picking up. It makes better sense to pick up with both arms at the same time, thereby maintaining even muscle engagements on both sides. You see now why frozen shoulder isnt only from lack of activity ? Good body mechanics plays just as much a part in keeping your body supple.

Below is my video on self massage for body alignment and neck tension:

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