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Holiday Means Time to Relax!

Only you know exactly what gives you joy! This holiday put relax in your todo list

Organic Hot Stone Massage Package:

Stone Package (Full Body + Face) $62

Stone Package+ Organic Facial(Gift Cert)$104

*Not available for Couples Massages

Holiday Paradox

So why are holidays so sought after when really all we experience is so much stress before, during and after sometimes? Well, its that special time we get to socialize with people we normally dont get to, let alone see face to face. In anticipation of of those social moments you will do anything it seems from shopping, cooking, cleaning, fixing, and… dealing with extra people that also tag along sometimes 🙂
No matter the season we certainly find ways to overwhelm ourselves with responsibilities of our own making. No one forces you to do any of these chores and these arent your goals. You think your experience will be so much better when you impress everyone.


Relax for Holidays

Its true to a point, but lets shoot for a happy medium. How can you possibly balance all this stress?( Make up your mind to relax this holiday! )What ever happened to your catering to your own self? Isnt it strange as experienced as we are at taking care of everyone else, to rely on someone else to do that for you? Only you know exactly what gives you joy! This holiday put relax in your todo list. If you really take a few moments to think about it you will sure find plenty of clever ways to carve out time for your needs. Hire a cleaning crew if that helps to gain an hour two to pamper yourself with a massage! Around holidays plenty of great spa specials take place!

Help your Loved One Relax Too

More and more relaxation seekers find a great way to spend time by incorporating a spa experience. Family will love you for it, even if you just bring up the idea and dont have to pay for it! Its like you are communicating “you deserve to pamper yourself!” They might even cover your massage in appreciation 😉 If you are on a budget ask about a short custom package. Even a half hour massage will go a long way to help you relax during the holidays on many levels. You may even give each other massages if thats something you want to try. It may work if you are talented! Everyone wants a little luxury time to look forward to but many feel guilty about it! Its up to you to break that trend ;D

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