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Simple strawberry wall garden design with Good Body Mechanics

Simple Garden design: strawberry wall

As a learning gardener I m always excited about a simple practical garden design. I saw this strawberry wall in my community garden I told my self I can totally find purpose my own retired wooden pallets πŸ™‚ two made by me;) and not holding up bunches of terracotta pots anymore. When I got a plot at the garden, I decidedly gave up on my hydroponics idea for a while, leaving those poor things to twiddle their thumbs in the rain. My plot is fairly good size, but its always nice to expand yield and the easiest way may to go vertical!

Happy gardening with Good body mechanics

The basic premise of good body mechanics is awareness. No Im not talking tai chi or quantum physics! You want to simply tune in often to your how your body feels while youre having fun gardening. Most gardeners run into trouble paying attention only to what they want to get done . Β Many gardeners may think of this a labor of love. While there is some heavy lifting and digging involved great body mechanics will make it a lot more effortless and enjoyable!


Body Mechanics basics for a Happy Garden

Once you have your garden design well formulated in your head, its time!

First, you absolutely need to clear all clutter in your work area. Anything you may stumble on, or have to lean and hunch awkwardly over has no reason to sit there and be a pain…. An often overlooked step will set the foundation for proper body mechanics πŸ˜‰

When moving stuff, remember to turn the whole body at the hips an dthat means turning your feet underneath too. Your entire body needs to face square in whatever direction you are lifting from and then placing pots, dirt bags, and lighter things like raks and shovers. Any twist on your torso can spell trouble for your spine. Ay not good … When lifting heavy things, bend way down ino your knees and ankles and let your weight travel towards your toes, rather than back towards your heels. That means allow your knees to travel forward, over your toes. its ok just try it.

As you do so, keep your tail bone flexing up. Imagine youre a happy dog wagging holding your tail up high or a stallion prancing around.

Change position as needed, so that nothing feels awkward. That means stepping slightly over or changing hands so that you become a lefty for a while. You can, dont worry. Lazy just wont do it when it comes to maintaining good body mechanics. Its well worth it, sonce you wont tire as easily and your garden design will be complete in no time πŸ˜‰