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Alternative Cancer Cures

My Latest Research on Alternative Cancer Cures
Master Tonic- Alternative Cancer Cures

I have done this research recently for a friend with rectal cancer. I drew this information from,  life extension foundation website, Hippocrates Institute website, Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford(love this book), dr Axe’  articles and interviews, and newsletters from an old client of mine.

Alternative Cancer Cure involves not only spicy food… The most important thing one can ever do for yourself is positive focus.

One things thats not alternative but highly effective is proton therapy. Its offered at select hospitals in Loma Linda California, Houston, Texas and perhaps a few others in the country as well as several around the world.

A couple things that have been shown to  stop cancer development are laetrile, which last I checked you cannot buy within the US legally and MMS(

1. supplements:

suppress cancer with beta glucan
suppress cancer with beta glucan

high potency curcumin and milk thistle (2 separate supplements (from LifeExtension), colloidal silver, dandelion root, Vitamin D( Vitamins D and K with Sea-Iodine™ 60 Capsules), blue green algae & beta carotene(two separate supplements that work synergistically), cordyceps mushroomsI( sold dry on amazon), krill oil,
dandelion root(Hortencia hasnt been taking this one yet but highly suggested!!)


Beta-glucan , found in large quantities in nutritional yeast, but also oats has been shown in scientific studies to improve longevity post cancer from 4% to 60% in some studies. Beta glucan has a noticeable effect on cancer shrinkage as well as wound and bruise healing.  Watch this video on scientific studies done with beta-glucan for cancer suppression

2. drink:

wheatgrass juice(from homesprouted wheatberries) chew on this grass several times a day, essaic tea, juicing, kevita waters, grassfed bone broth( watch this

master tonic

3. included in salad daily:

fresh dandelion greens,plenty of microgreens from sprouted sunflower seeds and spouted chia seeds(grown in soil and only the green part is eaten), spirulina, fresh raw mushrooms, saurkraut, , raw turmeric root(grated), seaweeds, with lemon, raw apple cider vinegar or lime , a little honey and avacado as sauce base, no processed dressings

4. raw jabanero pepper and garlic in cooconut oil remedy( in place of butter if youre vegan)! Daily

5. Eat

Raw seeds and nuts in moderation included in salad (one handful daily max), all home cooked( sprouted amaranth, quinoa, lentils, use spices and little himalayan salt, no processed ingredients

6. Avoid processed condiments, all sugary things, including juice and too much sweet fruit

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