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Halloween Bedtime Story

Halloween bedtime story

Bedtime Story: Haunted Cat

How not to celebrate a perfect Halloween but to dress up and kitty too plus invite a couple buddies for a tiny Halloween bedtime story shoot!? Well thats what Pickle and I decided to do this Halloween and we had a pretty good time ! It wasnt without its bubbles but deffinitely worth the production. Hope you feel just as entertained watching this!

Haunted Cat: Part 1

Our bedtime story has four fun characters: the wicked witch, the haunted kitty, the nutcracker, and the milk jug girl.
The girl and the nutcracker meet up inside the hunted cat’s tree house. The girl is pretty excited while the soldier isnt so much. He just wants to get out of this bedtime story.

Thankfully much of the act 1,2 and 3 kitty is preocuppied with outdoor activites more than any acting. the three end up chasing him. The girl and the nutrcracker are on the verge of love while the witch is about to lose her wits and dances off her frustration in the finale 😉

Haunted Cat: Part 2

Here tables turn and kitty is now roaming the haunted house being the bad boy. The milk maiden overall still enjoys the idea of having him around and is determined to enter the haunted house of 4 entrances. The witch seems to want to help but with all the horrible things she says does she really? Soldier is trying desperately to get out of the whole nightmare but ironically he is the one stuck seeing the worst of haunted monsters when milk maiden becomes lost somewhere deep inside the haunted house! I must admit its one of my favorite short stories Enjoy your bedtime story 😀

here is another oldie but goodie I made with a couple buddies of mine! enjoy

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