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Pickle’s full body plyometric exercises

Pickle's full body plyometric exercises

Pickle’s animal jam full body plyometric exercises

This is quite the animal jam and a high intensity workout, one that pushes you to the max for up to 30 seconds. Most plyometric exercises here are too intense to keep doing even that long, but feel free to mix it up with another exercise that targets a different set of muscles. Try this with any baby you have ! Wont really feel like a workout while it sure is just that 😉

Having Fun working out

Its fun having a youngster join in while youre working out 🙂 That means its fun! Also that makes it fun 😀 Kids and young animals love to play wild! They love spontaneity and variety an they love plyometric exercises. Thats one reason I take the child in me outdoors. The environment sets the right mood.


Think on your feet

I like an impromptu quality in my routines. That challenges my brain simply by keeping my mind engaged with the activity. One exercise may feel out of place one day, so I think of another exercise and see how it feels. I let my body take the lead and its rewarding having body and mind work in tandem. In effect the whole experience feels lively no matter what the actual exercise is. In this workout Im experiencing National Geographic in a very personal way by reenacting various animals. It helps to have an animal friend who inspires me to let go. This type of plyometric exercises are also called animalistic exercises.


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