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Mindfulness meditation with food

Mindfulness meditation with food

Mindfulness such a precious resource, yet so readily available if you just tap into! Mindfulness meditation has a special place while eating because degustation is anything but. I was raised to eat in a hurry . Reasons for that were several at different times: in between appointments, had to hurry off to school etc. In general The underlying mindset was that eating is wasteful and so should take as little time as possible. In fact all my family had giant bellies and suffered from excess weight. Paradox or not!

Paradox of slowing down

Ironically when you really look at your food , really taste every chew and take in the aroma, its juices, you will have realized something wonderful! You get full easier with less food. You will have discovered the true joy of oneness with what you are taking in, the appreciation of its entirety. Drop your screen , get off the phone, turn off any distraction. I see how even socializing gets in the way of this activity. Albeit, once you have acquired some feeling for the art of mindfulness, share mindfulness meditations of all kinds with a loved one and enjoy their company.

Yikes little too much jalopeneos


How to Eat Consciously

Serve your food in a pleasant but simple manner, and the entire portion that you intend to eat,  Sit down, preferably indian style.  Take a deep breath and look at your food closely. If you want touch it and eat it by hand to explore that sense as well. Involve all your senses. Then place some in your mouth and hold for just a moment. What is the texture, weight? Are flavors complex or straight forward? Is it fun to squeeze with your teeth or is it time to swallow? With every chew consider how its texture and taste changes and what is the perfect consistency when its ready to swallow? You will find that you are chewing more thoroughly because consciously you want yoru food almost liquified prior to swallowing. Wishing you joy with Mindfulness meditation!



Here Pickle is sharing with me a perrrrfect mindfulness meditation moment ;D

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