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Paleo Snacks for Holidays and not only

Paleo Snacks of Squash

As a raw food chef Ive been experimenting with squashes to make chips, pancakes and even breads. While my bread idea has gone out due to its too dense quality, which was hijacking good digestion, water intake that I always recommend in conjunction with dehydrated foods. However, my latest chip recipe makes some of the very best paleo snacks. You can tweak it slightly to make chips for all occasions 🙂

Paleo Chips with pumpkin

Actually, pumpkin is a kind of winter squash. Its lower in carbs and calories than butternut, but the two can be used almost interchangeably, both fitting your Peleo preferences. Winter squash gives more of a dense chewy property compared to watery summer squash. I love adding yellow squash for its lighter sweet note.

My pumpkin spice chip Paleo snacks are sprinkled lavishly with cinnamon and can be fine without any additional sweetener. However, to play to your holiday senses I added just enough honey which makes my Palo snacks unvegan. These are not very sweet at all still with table spoon of honey per tray.

Storing Your Chips

As soon as the dehydrator turns off I package these, as these paleo snacks will start reabsorbing ambient moisture immediately, making them uncrisp within minutes. I place these in paper bags with tain ties, preferably those lines with gycine and not plastic. Then I place that nag inside of a siplock bag and puch out air as I zip it up. Its not absolutely necessary but I highly recommend for few days of storage also placing a desiccant pouch inside. Store in the pantry and these will keep for months. If not, you can always pop these in the dehydrator for up to an hour to freshen them up. These are relatively high in fat so go easy on your liver… a hadful at a time.


You can make these in your oven at lowest setting but they wont be raw. Im guessing 2-5 hrs will do

check out my other cooking video on how to make saltless sauerkraut for flawless digestion 🙂

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