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Reverse aging with winter contrast showers

Reverse aging with winter contrast showers
Its best to approach hot and cold hydrotherapy as a short burst kind of activity.

contrast showers for health

Youve heard of contrast showers but have you tried them? Done right, these feel invigorating, a perfect change of pace to morning cup of coffee 😀 Short bursts of hot and cold have been done for centuries to help improve body condition and immune function! These and recent addition, cryotherapy, are also now used to reverse aging and to accelerate healing.

How to Contrast Bathe?

Im glad you asked. You see if you have access to an outdoor swimming pool and its cold outside, bathing rather than a contrast shower will prove more beneficial and efficient method of hydrotherapy. I always start with a hot shower! Then I wade into the pool or start with feet and slowly submerge up to my face. Depending on water temperature I will jump out a few seconds later and off to warm up in the shower again. I repeat a few times and usually feel ready to dive in head first on my second or third trip. Its possible to work up to a few laps in the icy water.

Things to Consider

1. Its best to approach hot and cold hydrotherapy such as contract showers as a short burst kind of activity. Its great if it lends to a nice winter swimming experience, but dont push it! At least have someone else to watch over you if you do decide to test your limits of cold tolerance. and then …Wet suit anybody?

2. It helps to have a few dry towels handy to change into between your dips to keep core body temperature stable.

3. How long do I respite in the safety of a hot spring?

I thaw in hot water for about two minutes before going for yet another dip. If the water is telling you its time to turn up the cold, then youre ready to dive in. If you think you can just hang out in hot sauna haven for ever, youve officially turned into a red lobster so its definitely time to unpamper yourself a bit 😉

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