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Diarrhea Eczema Fibromyalgia Source Found !

Diarrhea Eczema Fibromyalgia Source Found
and it aint pretty ]8O

Diarrhea and Constipation two sides of one coin

With digestion running amok and people popping drugs to numb those symptoms of constipation and diarrhea become the norm, similar but different leaky gut diets have come about but with them confusion…

So I  decided to compile valuable info from several natural health authorities, including two MDs for easy reference. I hope this helps you make some sense if you, like me, had heard about several diets for leaky gut, but still had lots of questions.

According to a recentwebinar from Dr Axe,

up to 80% of current American population suffers from some form of leaky gut. Thats an astounding number!

Largely due to living in an age of antibiotic overuse, as well as the following factors and paradoxes of modern convenience:

  • Chronic Stress
  • Chronic inflammation and illness
  • Eating too many processed and refined foods
  • gut irritating foods like grains and vegetable oils

leaky gut is linked to most common conditions such as:

  • mental(autism, depression, adhd, anxiety)
  • skin(acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis)
  • all types of thyroid and adrenal fatigue
  • colon(constipation, diarrhea, ibs)
  • inflammation (rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, headache)

Leaky gut diets confusion resolved

The term leaky gut diet often applies interchangeably to gaps diet, Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), Paleo Diet,and 30-Day Reset Autoimmune Program . These arent synonyms however. Paleo is too top heavy on animal products for me, as Gaps diet can be. Gaps diet is one of the most involved and long term(1-2 years) interventions that includes not only diet but also detoxing and supplements. Its worth doing to heal extreme psychiatric conditions as autism(as its founder and medical doctor Natasha Campbell-McBride has done for her son) and schizophrenia as well as severe food sensitivities.

Yet another diet that some people do better on than the above category of low ketogenic diets is Low FODMAP diet

Listen to Kriss Kresser’s in depth discussion on the rationale behind this diet
According to Dr Axe, people with digestive issues arent the only category who need higher zinc.

People most at risk for a deficiency in zinc include:

Vegetarians and vegans
Pregnant women
Endurance athletes
People with gastrointestinal diseases
Those who over-consume iron supplements
People taking diuretic medications
Foods highest in zinc are beans especially chickpeas, with many animal products, such as grass fed beef and poultry, kefir providing moderately high amounts and certain nuts/seeds like cashews and pumpkin seeds with veggies like spinach and mushrooms on the lower end of the zinc scale.

Selenium is another nutrient your body uses to help detox and takes some of the load off of your overworked detox organs .

Foods high in Selenium from highest to lowest:

Brazil Nuts 100%

Fish(yellowfin tuna, halibut sardines)

Turkey, Grassfed Beef, Liver, Chicken

Pastured Eggs,

Spinach 16% in one cup

symptoms of low Selenium include:

  • Thyroid dysfunction
  • Weakened immune system
  • Infertility in men and women
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Increased risk of cancer

You can learn more free info on supplements.

someone else agrees with My body!

In my experience not only are grains best included infrequently as needed or avoided, but nuts and seeds also. Chia and Flax can be used more regularly in moderation, always soaked or consumed with abundant fluids to absorb their expansion and subsequent irritation to gut lining otherwise. (Correction 5/11/17 : One exception might be sprouted and then steamed buckwheat, which I have been enjoying almost daily lol, way more often than chia or flax combined. tastes change so be flexible;  although must say I was never a big fan of either seed;) So my body would fare pretty well on Wellness Mama’s modified protocol :

Nourishing broths
Fermented vegetables
Healthy fats
quality sources of protein
large amounts of vegetables

(or if youre not a voluminous veggie fan have some microgreens instead!!!

Foods to Avoid:


However, I currently consume raw pastured eggs, especially the yolk, almost daily. I have also recently learned how to make sprouted lentil pasta which Im not giving up any time soon 🙂 Also, having suffered from all the effects of severe chronic constipation hands down raw food diet has cured that! Having experienced a fully raw diet for over a year, I attest that bathroom visits have become and remained the daily staple. usually a few times per day but not diarrhea. If you are experiencing loose stool on raw foods, something else has come into the picture. In my case I decided to back off of 100% raw due to unresolved leaky gut condition I had since child hood. However, I look forward to returning to raw with cooked favorites here and there as soon as my body feels ready. Its the lightest cleanest diet that leaves me feeling rejuvinated unlike all other diets. I have tried the whole rainbow and raw food is it!

From the webinar, the five types of Leaky gut:

Immune(Food Sensitivities, IBS)
Stressed(symptom: thyroid, adrenal, kidney)
Toxic(Liver Gallbladder)
Gastric(High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Acid Reflux)
Dr Axe has a protocol for all 5 types, with video cooking tutorials and drawing upon Chinese Traditional Method, reputable health authorities, such as Jordan Rubin, founder of Garden of Life(RAW supplements), some topics include gluten reactors, auto immune solution etc.

Check out my absolutely the best updated raw Paleo chip recipe

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