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Subconscious Dialogue in Decision Making

Listening to Subconscious Dialogue

Emotions uncover subconscious thoughts. Bad emotions mean bad thoughts. Good emotions are linked to good thoughts. So the idea is to figure out what you are thinking. Change that thought, or rather memory, and you are fixed!

That works if my thoughts are concerning past events and are tainting my current life causing unnecessary suffering.

What if however, my subconscious is trying desperately to warn me?

These are crucial differences: Bad thoughts brought on by past memories are like a plague that seems to have no sustenance.
If you just stop and asses for this crucial difference, you will know one from the other instantly.

Making a Good decision Using Subconscious

Bad thoughts brought on by my subconscious knowledge have everything to do with current events and my responses which I probably feel resistant about. These decisions create tension which my conscious mind is resisting. With conscious and the subconscious battling one another, no wonder I am feeling bad emotions.

Its my body’s desperate call for help. My subconscious knows I am in trouble! The decision feels bad. Also weakness, pain, succumbing to an unusual illness and even external signals show up from the universe. All these easily dismissed as nuisance.

Its vital to stop and pull out my decision making blueprint.

This blue print is also a way to guard against becoming paranoid. It creates a structured thinking environment that resolves distorted reality and calms anxiety. Learning to become a good decision maker should naturally lead to a cure from decision making related paranoia and anxiety.

Telling Bad Emotions Apart

In fact bad emotions coming from past experiences should also never be suppressed. However, their resolution has nothing to do with changing what you are doing currently. These emotions create a general grey undertone to your thinking and perception. Its a type of distorted reality that probably responds best to memory retrieval type therapies. I recommend the completion process by Teal Swan.

It is quite different from the sharp biting quality of your subconscious mind fighting a particular bad decision.

I believe in happiness and I hope you will read this and stop short of creating new torments in your life next time your subconscious speaks.

PS Maybe Markov decision process has something to offer us humans battling faulty decision making skills? Thats in the near future Im sure.

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