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Microgreens Reverse Disease

Shinguku Chrysanthemum microgreen
Shinguku Chrysanthemum microgreen

Microgreens Reverse Disease

microgreens vs seed/grain source

Microgreens have 4-6 times more of most nutrients contained in the grain or seed it sprouts from(exceptions include fat and starch). That is because most nutrients contained in grains are bound by digestive inhibitors and so arent actually bio available until the grain/seed is exposed to water aka as germinated and then sprouted. As the plant matures all these nutrients become dispersed throught the plant and therefore less concentrated. A baby green  is a few weeks more mature than a microgreen, and at its mature state the plant ounce per ounce has only 1-10% nutrient density that it had at its seedling stage. This includes water soluble vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids. Microgreens are best eaten raw to preserve the benefits of these nutrients and vitality contained in the plant. Microgreens certainly will become your best allies to reverse disease.

Microgreens vs Sprouts

Every seed, grain and nut is a dormant baby plant.  Its nutrients are bound by digestive inhibitors.  Right amount of moisture brings it to life turning all its nutrients not only bio available for plant growth but also for human consumption. Now its a sprout with a little cute little tail,  and as bursting with fresh goodness as it is,  it still has most of the  starch and fat from its seed,  hard on some stomachs.  A week or so later it releases  a little green shoot, a microgreen 😉 All the concentrated nutrients, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and proteins are now contained in the microgreen and the starch and fat have been largely transformed into fuel for plant growth.

A microgreen is tender, easy  to digest and bursting with flavor as much as nutrition: 6-60 times more than a mature vegetable! Microgreens are a perfect nutritional supplement for people on grain free diet as well as anyone into nutrition in its raw fresh form!

With candida outbreaks running rampant, more people than ever seek out special grain free anti candida diets. A sprouted seed such as quinoa, buckwheat and amaranth, may have become more digestible, but that notorious starch is still there in full glory. Such spouts would be off limits to people like me 🙂 However, a microgreen harnesses the goodness contained within these starchy seeds & turns

parsley microgreen
parsley microgreen

them into a candida fighting powerhouse!


Salmonella and other bacterial outbreaks have happened in large scale productions of produce, including sprouts. When it comes to microgreens, only the green parts get harvested, leaving the seeds or grains that harbor bacteria behind. However, sprouts can be just as safe if you start with whole raw seeds/grains, disposing of any broken ones and thoroughly rinsing them out twice a day. Make sure to roll the strainer from side to side a few times to let any residual water pockets drain. It may seem that a sprouting jar left upside down will do the trick, but excess water still gets trapped among the sprouts, creating a perfect environment for mold to quickly set in. Isnt it nice that microgreens can let you reverse disease without having to fight

Wheat grass and other cereal grasses such as millet and oat offer powerful health benefits, when harvested at peak of ripeness at 1-2 weeks of planting, similar to microgreens.
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