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Microgreen Aronomy of Indoor Gardening

aronomy Katy-Perry--Bon-appetit
aronomy Katy-Perry–Bon-appetit

Aronomy of Microgreen Agronomy

What do Shakeology, restaurant El Bulli and song Bon Appetit have in common? They all appeal to human temptation for exotic beauty.  what else? its all blatantly food obsessed. Food has been enthralled in human sexuality from creation to presentation, to ingestion.

However, which one of these above is not like the others? Well, as try as you might to appear,”fresh out of the oven”  Kattie Perrie and dessicated powders of herbs and spices just aint actually FRESH !

Only El Bulli, the controversial experimental restaurant in  Catalonia, Spain, had the right idea about fresh!

Fresh as in fresh herbs, even better: microgreens!!! the living vitamin and whats better than…

one growing FRESH and BURSTING WITH FLAVOR  for you to consume on top of or wrapped inside any fetish you desire, as in scrawny  bull blood beets wrapped in pudding wrapped  duck pancake, the pork encrusted melon sprinkled with fresh and soothing opal basil  or your classic: sweet like honey pop corn shoot piercing a deceptively firm  pine nut marshmallow that oozes like one caramel of thousand sugars, maltose, fructose, xylitol, etc.  Mmmm…  You get my drift 😉  what did I just say? I cant quite remember. Glad its right here written down for me.

People are finally coming down to their roots again, investigating this word “aronomy” come to find out its agronomy, and off they sail on an internet adventure. Hans Schilling and his wife Marketa knew the importance of local agronomy.

Back then El Boulli  obviously used and traditionally continue to use fresh herbs among which undoubtedly microgreens found a roost,  no doubt, because they A. burst with flavor, B. look tantalizing and C. are so tiny and cute! AND also D., you can eat just a handful and get all the nutrients and more from your typical chef’s salad. Its actually E. All the above 🙂

Whats up with charing those herbs again, Gordon Ramsay? oh I see you gathered them at maturity when they had  lost all their flavor?!

Darn it,  why do I say the things I do?  Give me  a moment.

Aronomy of Size

Microgreens really do have to be good looking because they are tiny, but they are certainly not hard to see. Micros turns out come in a rainbow of colors, think rainbow chard, but also blues and purples and vivid greens!

Microgreens dazzle with fine silhouettes. Their flavors will make you reconsider having to add that globby dressing. Indeed subtle tart sweet vinegar top note of buckwheat lettuce compliments its crisp yet delicate texture.

Aronomy of Indoor Gardening

Pun intended, Aronomy of indoor gardening is just that an arror in some climates. Its arroneous to assume that all commercial human activities require artificial infrastructure to work. natural sunlight and elements have their place in microgreen gardening outdoors. and btw, off topic, but you should know, I think , that “precedent” is pronounced like president pretty much, when used as  a noun. just a thought but dont stand corrected next time and will point you here instead. and this … ( you silly massage client who had set a bad precedent for all the guys that have been here before)


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