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My Therapy Kittens

therapy kittens
therapy kittens


my therapy kittens

After I lost Pickle I was too preoccupied in finding him. Two weeks later I wasnt sure what  to do. Give up on having animals or foster?  I felt I needed to just be alone. Its just easier, but I felt that was also out of question. I wanted to help myself. I needed a cat around. I wasnt ready for a commitment so I reached out to foster groups. I wasnt too excited about having a strange cat wonder around but I figured a kitten might warm up to me and want to socialize with me rather than just have a separate life most of the time.

Here is that part of my kitten story  …  and so my desperate attempt to “foster “them turned  healing all the same.  I experienced  the creation of personalities, dependence of newborns  and  myself from a new angle.  It was shocking and refreshing all at once. It still is.

As they got older I stopped hauling the crate everywhere I go, but felt attached to their company. So I shared my kitten therapy with my clients by having Gabby hang out with me. To my surprise they loved it, at least all my regulars looked forward and asked for her. Even those with kitten allergies, and people that were newcomers, grew relaxed and entertained at the thought of a fluffy kitten in session. It really was a win for all: the kitten got her exposure to people and being a pussy cat she reversed the pissy pussy stereotype, as she has been the softest most loving little cat Ive seen. Im sure having been handled from birth and numerous car rides laxed her and her siblings very early on. Therapy kittens are awesome!


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