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Free Tantric Massage Healing Sessions

Free Tantric Massage Weekly Healing Sessions
Free Tantric Massage Weekly Healing Sessions

Free Tantric Massage

I am now offering free weekly sessions outdoors at nearby city parks in the vicinity of North Richland Hills / HEB area. These include learning kundalini or tantric massage and exercises. Tantric exercises work on chakras, energy centers located at the inguinal, sacrum, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye(top point on bridge of nose), crown(top of head). These centers effect our mental and emotional well being, our ability to feel self love and compassion and ultimately get along with others. The crown chakra and third eye go beyond into more spiritual aspects that help you feel the unison between you the earth and the universe, attain insights into your life and answers to challenges.

Tantric massage and exercises involve attention to breath and body alignment. Its easy and flowing. Kundalini yoga has relaxing effect on the mind. Unlike hatha yoga it does not place great emphasis on physical challenge. It does not follow a rigid routine like ashtanga yoga, but rather like Vinyasa yoga allows freedom to flow from one exercise into any number of other poses and exercises.

I like to take advantage of Texas summer heat, to sweat profusely, and … freely unlike any bikram yoga sessions 🙂 On the other hand evenings feel pretty comfortable here in Texas. Otherwise they wouldnt do concerts, kids football games and patio dinners would they?

Kundalini or tantra help heal your sexuality and sensuality. These exercises focus on body awareness. In other words, you are encouraged to attune to your own experience throught your practice, rather than focusing on imitating your teacher. Body awareness feels meditative and liberating because it is your communication with your body.

Free Weekly Healing Sessions

I knew you would love free healing session and thats why Im offering them. So far session are in the evening at 7pm. Each week I post on Instagram the next session healing topics. I like to expose mind and body to variety: some seated poses, interlaced with fluid dynamic stretching and breathing. Part of the time we spend on the mat, while some of the time we are on our feet doing full body workouts. Each session we are learning new skills: balance, agility, endurance, flexibility. I enjoy when people are having fun! Some exercises include working with one or two people. Team work can really enhance certain stretches, helps break the ice and build trust and friendship within our group.

Intensity Modifications

As a rule I start out with fluid motions, either seated or standing to help gently wake our blood and lymph. As the body warms up it feels natural to get deeper into your every movement, while also using your breath. I do incorporate squats, jumps and other high intensity routines that bring up the heart rate and build quick mind body coordination. However, no matter your condition or fitness level, you will enjoy your work out and feel right at home, because I offer modifications for everything. In some cases I can show you another activity that offers similar benefits.


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