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Agent Orange deters predators of Cicadoidea


Agent Orange deters predators of Cicadoidea

You likely got fooled into reading this article, but for a very good cause! Its your time to take break from serious dilemmas. Agent Orange in this case is no herbicide nor hired. He is my kitty who is caught on camera as he valiantly deters an onslaught of fellow teenage kittens from one Cicadoidea representative. Orange’s performance keeps you on the edge: is he really noble or not? but in the end I want you to know the representative does make a final escape. Fortunately or un but many more such noise makers have been eaten.

How did I make such wonderful footage

Its all in the edit but not only. All three kittens remained committed making my work possible. Thank you kitties Orange, Gabby and Fox Skeeto Nikchnums. The weather was sunny and I didnt run out of battery juice. But how did I know such capturable moments were to ensue… Well thats mommy’s intuition, baby. Also, it helps that my kitties are tame and approachable. But enough on all that.

What do I like About This Story

I like how gentlemanly Orange dealt with Gabby while later into the movie I felt a bit appalled at your scuffle with Fox. Also, I picked up on some humor, so I hope I portrayed it honestly and understandably in all languages. Sorry if it comes across scolding , but when she makes her final getaway, how do you explain looking disgruntled, if your intention was benevolent? Thats all I will say, but I do entertain the tingle of hope that you had benevolent incentives Orange… Did you? I guess that will remain a secret, but I am almost positive I saw a disgruntled look when rep took off, even as heavy as it seemed! We can all hope it made numerous babies that will pass on this beautiful story with a belly up dance or another kind of dance. This film certainly has narrowed the gap of understanding between me and insect world. However I still have this unresolved mysteries: how grubs appear in everything thats securely sealed by zippable baggy? Also roaches bother me a lot to a point that I cant sleep sometimes. Nothing deters them, not even 4 guardians 🙁

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And this is the sweetest Tom I own getting SENSUAL MASSAGE REWARD FOR NURSING TOM

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