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Sensual Massage Reward for Nursing Tom

<h1>Sensual Massage Reward for Nursing Tom</h1>

You have earned a sensual massage with feathers Orange! Orange is an exceptionally sweet coopertaive teenage tom.

Just the other day he transformed into one sweet teddy, letting me swish him about, relaxed submerged up to his head in warm flea bath… for a while until he started insisting its time.  I think he  decided to find pleasure or utility in this experience or both and its nice to feel loved and trusted. The first couple times he acted quite alarmed like its the craziest experience that drove him very anxious.


Not only did he accept Fox before Gabby did. Orange is now his nursing “momma”. I guess its a sign of the close bond the two share. Sure Fox and Gabby frolic but primarily Fox targets Orange. Then they cuddle and Fox likes to suckle. Matter of convenience?

Orange accepted his role without much ado.  Gabby did awesome being motherly too.  It rhymes! Hurray 😀


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