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muscular strength warm up to fix ligament laxity

muscular strength warm up to fix ligament laxity
muscular strength warm up to fix ligament laxity

Warming up for Muscular strength

Do you think of muscular strength as associated with strong physique? Do you exercise regularly? Did you forget something or cut some corners? I mean do you warm up properly prior to working out? Thats a loaded question because you may not know what I consider a “proper” warm up 🙂 What is a warm up good for anyway?

Well, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, aka work on the computer 24/7, a proper warm simply cannot be skipped. Think about it, if youve been motionless hours at a time, wouldn’t your body need want and deserve some transition time into a more fluid state, more apt for movement? Even if you dont sit or stand still for lengthy periods, a warm up has important benefits for you too. It brings up your core temperature which helps your whole body receive blood supply to keep muscles responsive and supple. It helps you maintain your stamina throughout the workout and does much to prevent injuries. Injuries are far better off prevented rather than treated ! A warm up also starts the process of clearing your mind of other things so that you can dedicate full attention to your work out. Basically a proper warm up means you can build muscle more efficiently and excel in your chosen sport. A good warm up typically takes 10-15 minutes. You can feel your body ripening for exertion and action. Then you know you have succeeded in your warm up!

muscular strength during warm up

An all too often missed component to a great warm up is body armor exercises. These exercises focus on joint responsiveness and stability by engaging muscular strength as well as some non weight bearing joint mobility drills. Weight bearing exercises include eccentric resistance contractions, or resistance on the antagonistic muscle thats lengthening, and also placing body weight over joints in positions that are unusual and awkward, thus improving balancing skills. Body armor drills help avoid things like ankle sprains. These special movements prepare your body for odd positions such as twists and slips by improving muscular strength and coordination in the joints. Body armor exercises can be easily incorporated into a warm up because they are low impact and low intensity.

Body Armor Exrecise Sequence

Body armor exercises can be started from your toes up or fingers down. You want to really focus on all your joints one at a time. Start with non weight bearing movements such as
rotations , up and down, side to side and diagonals. Go slow and be one with your body. Progress from small movements to full range of motion. This is very different from bouncing stretches. In fact long held stretches dont really belong in a warm up. If you do long stretches leave those for after your work out!

After joint mobility you can add very light weight bearing to those same types of joint mobility drills or different ones. As you progress into your hips, back and shoulders, your body is starting to wake up and warm up. Here you can get into some squats and other full body drills. Often I like to get on all fours to keep the whole body moving and warm. Listen to where you need more attention. Relax and be creative. Add a playful component somewhere in the middle or end of your warm up like scattering some balls of various sizes and practicing good body mechanics to pick them up. Hula hoops offer fun warm up challenge to your hips waist, knees, shoulders and arms 🙂

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