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Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break

Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break
Ease Knee Bursitis Joint Mobility Stretch Break


Knee Bursitis from Full Body Perspective

Knee bursitis can be thought just a symptom of a stiff body. Our bodies werent made stiff. However, our sedentary work style has mass produced an epidemic of new diagnoses. I wont argue whether or not fibromyalgia, lupus, cancer and diabetes can be solved with movement only. However, one can realize significant improvement in numerous conditions and resolve numerous others by restoring your body’s natural mobility. Stiff joints dont only cause pain and lack of function but also increased susceptibility to injury. The resultant chronic inflammation implies disrupted blood and lymph flow, which means insufficient flow of oxygen and building blocks to your cells and poor waste disposal at the cellular level. I believe joint mobility can greatly alleviate knee bursitis, with your diet bearing the other piece of the puzzle.

What How Often and How Much Exercise to Lubricate Your Joints

I demonstrate a full body joint mobility sequence in my video. Most people with knee bursitis should have no trouble with these exercises. However, you may wish to go a little slower and always listen to your body for signs of discomfort or pain. You can also start with the head and work your way down or vice versa. The idea is to carry all your joints through a range of movement that it is designed for. Weight bearing components serve a function of releasing adhesion and strengthening the joints. Another component, the body armor or corset, exposes joints to some unusual movements that help to prepare your joints for unusual circumstances. Corset exercises help protect you from injury. Another component, the mind activation, serves several crucial functions. An activity that challenges your body and the brain charges your brain with practical abilities such as problem solving, spacial intelligence and quick decision making. These body mind neurological pathways also greatly improve your performance in scholastic activities, such as math. a An exercise worth doing challenges the brain. Such an exercise has to have sufficient complexity to continue engaging your brain. In fact any new exercise stimulates brain function. Therefore constantly learning new activities will add a significant component of interest to your daily joint mobility routine!

So here it is in a nut shell:
#1 range of motion for all your joints
#2 weight bearing with joint in various positions
#3 Weight bearing with focus on unusual positions
#4 Stimulate the Brain


How often? I feel best taking stretch breaks every hour.  Listen to your body.   Since these are short stretch breaks , several times get up an and do these to feel most alert, happy and relaxed.

Examples of Key Exercises for Good Joint Mobility

If you have limited time, focus on joint mobility exercises that encompass as much of your body as possible. Body waves help lubricate the whole spine. Your spine communicates to all your other nerves and therefore muscles and joints. You can do spinal waves against a wall. However, doing it on the floor engages your joints more fully and offers more weight bearing. Squats have numerous health benefits to your digestion, body alignment and fitness. To keep my back comfortable and uninvolved I find it very helpful to mentally focus on my belly button anchoring into the ground, rather than sticking my butt out!

Hanging, while not shown in this video, have lubricating and strengthening effect on your shoulder, elbow and wrist. I highly recommend practicing your upper body strength in this way rather than weights, or at least incorporate into your weight lifting routine. You can learn more about how to engage the right muscles on Ido Portal’s notes page.

Kinetic coins, riddles you solve with your body, offer a fun and opposite approach to most types of problem solving. Rather than examine and then act, you allow your body to act out and your mind to observe whats happening and then help guide it along. Various physical arts have that component to an extent. I consider hula hooping one of those! It certainly keeps my mind engaged at all times and many times the body figures it out before my mind does 🙂

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