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Delicious raw no bake cookies and dessert recipes

raw candy and ice cream from desiccated coconut
raw candy and ice cream from desiccated coconut

Why no bake cookies and dessert recipes

Although you probably know exactly why you want no bake cookies and desserts, I want everyone reading my post to know benefits of no bake desserts. Although health benefits of low heat porcesisng outweight all others, sometimes, raw dessert can save time.) Many raw recipes exist that can be enjoyed immediately, fater all the ingredients. More often, however, your best bet on saving time with a no bake dessert is grabbing an apple. Prep and prcessing of ingredients does take time, especially when done for teh first time, like anything. All no bake recipes described in this Christmas collection require refrigeration or freezing which actually takes more time than baking does…

Health benefits of my no bake dessert

No bake cookies and other desserts in my world means raw. Sure you could use toasted powders but I look for all raw ingredients so as to take full nutritional advantage that zero baking offers.

In this Christmas collection of raw deserts I feature raw desiccated coconut and cacao. Cacao(raw, unlike cocoa) preserves its phytochemicals known to help balance the brain,build strong bones, detoxify liver, reduce bad cholesterol, fight cancer and facilitates anti- aging and rejuvenation. It has 4 times the antioxidant power of typical dark chocolate and 20 times more than blueberries!

Raw coconut helps fight parasites and candida, balance thyroid function and provides heart healthy plant form of saturated fat.

My Christmas Desert Collection

Although here in Central Texas snow skips a year or two, which I dont mind, I felt inspired to bring on some snowflake no bake cookies. What resembles snow better than desiccated coconut and coconut icecream? I played around with soaking the coconut and then also squeezing out its cream and milk. I ended with lots of coconut “waste” from making the ice cream. Like American indians I decided I wanted to use every part of the coconut. The following recipes celebarte my sucess in doig just that 😀

My Christmas cake features soaked “skim” coconut, coffee and decadent cacao. My coconut chews fare best with whole soaked coconut lightly squeezed out.
Coconut snowballs throw out the milk but keep the cream and coconut texture, a secret process 🙂 Icecream ofcourse can use all the cream and then some! It also uses coconut flour or almond flour. Check out my simple and most delicious coco desert video recipes below 😉

Watch My Full Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection featuring:




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