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No Bake Christmas Cake Recipe

No Bake Christmas Cake

This video recipe for my all raw Christmas cake, the most mouthwatering moist and flavorful coffee cake ever happened spontaneously. An afterthought and byproduct of my other raw dessert experimentation with desiccated coconut,  I am so delighted to feature this cake in my all raw Christmas dessert collection. Links to video recipes below.
I had lots of soaked desiccated coconut sitting around in the fridge, and, Indian style, I felt determined to find it too some culinary purpose. So appeared no bake Christmas coffee cake! My last dessert of this collection. Coconut calls for Cacao which calls for coffee.

Dont Worry about Messing Up

I used to feel preoccupied with brainstorming the perfect recipe, one that yields perfect result the first time. That actually wasted more time and tired me out before I ever started. Playing with your ingredients, you simply never know where you might end up, but rest assured that great ingredients allow a great deal of freestyle and roaming. Not only can you salvage your recipe fairly easily when it comes to raw desserts, as you will witness in my Christmas cake video recipe, but messing around gets pretty addictive 🙂

Calories Raw Cake vs Baked

I suggest abiding by similar potion sizes as with baked cake. Raw doesnt mean fewer calories when it comes to sweets. In fact raw dessert tends to pack a caloric punch but with the advantage of nutrient density. In this recipe I rely on raw unfiltered honey as my primary sweetener. My body seems to tolerate raw honey a lot better than processed sugar. Lately Ive tried soaked dates and I consider them a great alternative sweetener for this Christmas cake recipe. However, sugar equals sugar. Then again I cant think of anything worth splurging on. I prefer to enjoy my no bake Christmas cake with hot unsweetened herbal tea. Sit down, take in the aromas of tea and sweets, focus on your breath and relax. Slowing down helps any experience linger and feel sweeter 😉

Video preview my Christmas Dessert Recipe Collection of DELICIOUS RAW NO BAKE COOKIES AND DESSERT RECIPES




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